Goodbye July, Hello August

This week was actually a very calm one. A few of our investigators are starting to make a lot of headway, so we are very excited about that. Last week or the week before we got a new investigator, and her name is Merville. She is so cool. She has the prettiest eyes that sparkle like crazy. We can tell she is pure to the core. We had two lessons with her this week. After the first one she texted us and said that she wants to be baptized! She put herself on date, and she is the most golden investigator I have ever met. Teaching her is a blast. We say something and she agrees and points out where in the bible she read it or why she thinks it is true. Everything she says works perfectly with scriptures we want to share. I love Merville. After the second appointment she texted us and asked what scriptures we had read together. She then said that next time she wants to take better notes. She makes our day every single time! 

We also taught an investigator that we have had for a long time. Funny thing actually. When I was in Rainville I gave the Elders a referral, and then a couple weeks later I transferred here and contacted my own referral. She is usually super busy, and I was considering dropping her, but then we had a turn around lesson! We finished the restoration with her, but she didn’t even react to it. Then I whipped out the big guns. She is a bible lover, so we showed her how the bible and the Book of Mormon go together. We read about the two sticks that will come together. She absolutely ate it up! During the lesson I was just thinking “Oh boy! We’ve caught her now!” Anyways, we had our followup lesson with her, and she had read. That was the first time! She also loved the Plan of Salvation. We could see the wheels in her head just turning and turning. I am so excited about her! 

On Saturday, my dress ripped, so I got to wear a huge baptismal jumpsuit while a woman at sewing lessons fixed it for me. I think that jumpsuit was made for a very very large man. I will try to find photos. We kept joking that I was getting re-baptized. I think we need to order some new suits though. There was a girl about my size getting baptized and she had to wear a child’s suit. Poor thing! 

I love you all! Have an incredible week! 


Zuster Jorgensen 

This week was so much fun! I got to sit back and laugh at a ton of crazy adventures Sister Vernes had. The first one was on Monday. We were going out for our first lesson, and we were biking on a street that usually has a ton of cars parked on the side. We were just casually biking and waving to people when all of a sudden this dog came out of nowhere and took Sister Vernes out! He ran into her tire, and they both got trapped under the bike. It was one of the funniest things I have seen. She stood up, and both were fine. Her handlebars were a little bent out of shape though. That dog might be a little scared of missionaries from now on. Man. I wish I had that recorded. It just replays in my head and I can’t help but laugh.

Another adventure we had was that we found a cavitiy in Zr Vernes’s mouth. We got to spend Thursday at the dentist’s office. I was sitting outside with the senior couple. (It is so great to have a senior couple. I can’t describe how much smoother things go now.) While I was chatting away and having a good time Zr. Vernes was getting tortured. We were just sitting out there and we could hear the drill going for two hours straight. She was the only client, so we knew they had been working on her teeth the whole time. We began to get worried after we heard the drill for 2 hours straight. She came out and was very out of it, and then she smiled, and there was so much blood in between every single tooth! All of us were pretty frightened. Turns out they only cleaned her teeth. That means that we get to go back again this week. Hopefully they actually do what we came for. They also accidentally chopped her gums open and she heard the dentist say “oops. I guess we will just give her a drug perscription to take care of this.” So now she has a weird mouth wash thing that she has to use and if she uses it wrong her tongue and teeth are going to turn brown. Awesome.

Through the crazines we still got some awesome missionary work done! Merville is incredible. Every single time we teach her she texts us questions she has when she reads. The other day we taught her the plan of salvation, and she asked “what do I need to do for God?” Well, let me tell you! She takes notes every time. She tells her fiance what she learned. Oh, and she is super smart, so she understands everything fast. Perfect since her baptism is only a couple of weeks away! She came to church on Sunday, and she got a blessing. Merville is the most prepared person ever. 

I am excited to see what this next week brings! 


George Washington (some kid called me that at church since he couldn’t remember my name)



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