One Year!!!

Well, this week was a lot like last week! We got to live in the Balona house for a few days while we got rid of our termite problem, and now I am in Rainville for a couple of days while my companion flees the country to fix her visa issues. Luckily she will be coming back, and we can hopefully get back into the groove of things. I hope this week can be a bit calmer!
This week we had some cool lessons with our investigators. We taught Cosmea, and she is so golden. It had been a while since we had seen her, so we were doing a catch up lesson. We taught the Restoration, and we had the district president and his wife with us. It was a goooood lesson! The whole time she was just loving everything said. Then in the closing prayer she said “Heavenly Father, please give me a chance to join this church with my daughters.” Can you talk about perfect! She also told her dad which church he needed to start taking her to. I love Cosmea. She was originally unreligious, but she got pregnant, and the man was niet zo lief, so she was down in the dumps. Her friend talked to her about Christ, and she realized that she was never alone no matter how tough life got. It is an inspiring story.
This week the Egberts were in town because of zone meeting. I love them! This time it was mostly updating procedures, but at the end we talked about Heavenly Father and His love for us. I found two quotes that I want to share with you!
“When you see our Father you will see a Being with whom you have been well acquainted, and He will receive you in His embrace and kiss you… You will be so glad and joyful… when you are qualified and purified… you can endure the glory of eternity.” – President Brigham Young
“When we involve the Lord in our climb and decide to make a new start in any area of life, we can reach heights we never dreamed were possible.” – David Dickson
I loved these quotes when I read them and heard them. It is so true. Heavenly Father is not some mysterious spirit. He is our Father with flesh and blood. He knows us personally. We are not strangers. He loved us so much that He created everything we know so that one day we can become as He is. He is constant in a changing world. It is only through Him and His son Jesus Christ that we can be eternally happy. Through them we can become more than ever imagined. Without them we are nothing. Without them we would not exist. When I look at life this way I realize how many unnecessary things I crowded my life with. It is so simple. When we put God first everything else will work out. We may have dreams and goals, but if we put God first He will show us dreams that we never knew we had!
I love you all. I hope you have an exceptional week! This sister missionary will be turning 20 and 1 in the same week! Can you believe either of those? I can’t.
Zuster Jorgensen
That was a week! Holy Guacamole! Monday through Thursday I was in Rainville with my lovely Sister Ashcraft, and then when Sister Vernes and I were reunited she was sick for a few days. We got a great sum of 3 lessons. Yeah… We usually have like 25ish. That was pretty easy to count though! That does not mean this week was void of miracles or stories though! 
Let’s start with my brithday. I mean come on that was the best part. Everyone was super sweet! Luckily I was in Rainville so I got to head over to the Abdoelhamid’s which was my one birthday wish! Monday night there was no sign of a package, but Tuesday morning at district meeting the zone leaders walked in and Tahdah! My package was there. Right on time. Probably a good thing because I probably would have opened it early… Sister Ashcraft and I had some laughs at the goodies inside. Thanks Lex and Jord for the thoughtful additions! Mama and Papa, I don’t think you realized how much fun we would have with the bubbles. Sister Vernes, the zone leaders, and I are cleaning our tile floors one bubble at a time! 
One of the times we actually got to go out was actually a miracle! There is this member who usually slams the door on us whenever we try to talk to her. This time we went over and she was like “are you hungry?” I’m always hungry, so of course I said yes. Next thing I know we are inside looking at wedding photos and eating pumpkin-fish rice with our bare hands. I learned how they do it! I will have to show that when I get home. Too complicated to explain. She also loved us so much that she wants us to come back a lot more! Woot woot! No one can resist the Jorgnes combo. 
While we were stuck inside I had to entertain myself. You see those photos with fire? Notice how they are inside? heh heh. Not my brightest moment. So it is tradition to burn something on your year mark. I chose a shirt that has been through a lot. RIP. I guess people usually do that outside? I didn’t want to abandon my sicky companion, so I decided to burn it in our bedroom! So thoughtful, right? I try. I lit the shirt and then put it in the pot. Took some photos and then we noticed that there was quite a bit of smoke. We have a fire alarm right outside our bedroom door, so we decided to shut the door to stop it from going off. Also a bad decision. We are sitting there, and then we were like “It is getting kind of hard to breathe. I can’t see anything.” I may have almost killed us both! After a struggle with the windows we got some fresh air, and we are good as new! That was a good time! 
This week I was focusing a lot on how we are a team with God. Many times people think that we have to reach a certain level to receive grace, but Christ has already done it all. It isn’t about what I do and what God does, but it is about what we can do together. I need Him, but He also needs me. It is the same with all of us. He needs all of us on His team! Are there requirements to be on this team? We just have to choose Him! 
I love you! Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! Also, I believe someone named Bennyjay is about to get one year older and wiser? Happy birffday Benny! 
Have a lovely week!
Zuster Jorgensen

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