Ups & Downs

This week was absolutely insane. I don’t know how we made it out alive! It was a good time though… After we were inside and talking about it. It started out really good actually. On Monday we had a little extra time before Pday ended, so we ordered pizza! Suriname pizza is not quite the same, but it was fun. The next day we had a long day, so when we got home we may have ordered pizza again. This may turn into an expensive hobby. 
On Wednesday. Oh boy. That day was rough. It also started out super great. We went contacting and this super cute dog went with us the whole time. Our neighborhood has a goat problem, so as we were walking we decided to get a photo with one. He was very interested in the Book of Mormon. I was so scared he was going to attack me! So ya, we contacted a goat. It was a good time. He actually had an owner, and she was not interested at all, but she thought it was hilarious that we liked her goat. 
Later all of our appointments fell through, so we went to get back in contact with someone who had missed his appointment. We get there and he goes “oh I found another church!” I was very upset. He was the one that sister Ashcraft and I contacted that came to church. He was so cool and golden, but I guess he wasn’t ready. We were super sad and biking away and his evil dog jumped over the fence and started chasing us. I felt like I was in a sad movie. 
We then went and contacted this lady who looked really sad. We told her she was a daughter of God and she started crying. She was smoking and the smoke gave both of us headaches. As she was walking away she gave the pamphlet away. Ouch. Guess she wasn’t ready. The smoke also made us feel nauseous the rest of the day. 
I do hope you realize that we were just laughing our way through all of this because it just didn’t seem real. So ya the whole week things like that happened. Just ridiculous things. At one point we got a referral. We had to contact them Saturday at 6 and teach about trials. We needed to find 2 houses that were straight across the street from each other.  (one was less active and one was a potential investigator) It was very specific. The address was an old address. The street we were on had all of the house numbers changed, so we were looking for house number 389 and the highest it went was 75. Problem? Haha so we just kept biking back and forth. We had a little description of what the house would look like, but all of the houses had the same thing. We biked past this one house and I was like “Hey, maybe it is this one.” At this point we didn’t know the numbers were changed, so we just kept going since the house number didn’t make sense. Eventually I was like “okay, let’s go back to that house. I feel like it is that one.” We go there and the lady inside immediately goes “No! We don’t want visitors!!”  After a little struggle we finally got to know that we were at the less active house (random fact: she was baptized by Zuster Vernes’s older brother. He baptized her and a few years later she rejects his little sister. The irony), and the referral lived across the street. (The referral also lives with another less active that was baptized by her brother) The referral is super cool, and we are excited. It was amazing though because so many things fell through to make it possible for that whole situation to work out. God wanted them found! A few days before we received it I was looking in the area book and I ran across the teaching record for the nice less active. It had Sister Vernes’s brother’s name on it, so I was like “Look! Your brother baptized her.” Sister Vernes wanted to go and contact them, but I said no because the mean lady had completely rejected us before for both houses. (long story) So anyways I didn’t want to go. God must have realized that my stubbornness was in the way, so he gave me a referral to find her! I hope that story made a little sense… 
So ya, a week with lots of ups and downs. Got to love missionary life. I love you all! 
Oh wait. This morning we also woke up to find that our house has a termite infestation. So now we have a house with a leaky ceiling, termites, cockroaches, doors that don’t close, that smells like old people, and floods when it rains. Awesome. I think we might have to move… 
Have a great week! 

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