This week was exceptional! I realized that we really do have some amazing investigators. Sometimes when I come emailing my mind goes completely blank. We actually have around 20 investigators and I feel pretty excited about all of them! I will give some intros to these people today. 

So first is Ramona. She is 17 and has a baby with a less active. The less active does not want to meet with us at all, but Ramona is amazing. She reads every day, and studies by topic. The problem is that they are not married and they share a room. She is completely dependent on her boyfriend for everything and he will not get married. She does have plans though. They will take longer than I will be in Suriname probably, but she is doing everything she can to be baptized. Every time we go to her house it makes our day! I love Ramona. 

We also teach a man named Hugo. Oh man. Hugo is the cutest. He was on date for this Saturday, but his work called him in so he was unable to come to church. Next week hopefully! He talked to his boss multiple times to get work off on Sundays, so hopefully we can get over this. It was so cute. We were teaching him on  Saturday night about how important it is to read and pray and go to church. We call it CPR. As we were talking about prayer and reading he goes (ya it is good to read and pray, but I also need to go to church every Sunday! I want to go to church every Sunday!) As he was praying he prayed to be able to go to church. We have no need to give him commitments sometimes because he gives them to himself! We also were like (Hugo, God loves you.) and he goes (I love God!). I love Hugo so much.

Another investigator is named Steven. He told us that he is going to bring his Book of Mormon with him when he goes to Nederland on vacation. He was telling us how important it was to him. He writes every scripture we share on a piece of paper. He also told us that he is very serious about learning more. He wants to be baptized, but he wants to wait until after his trip because he will be gone for 6 weeks. I completely understand. The spirit is always so strong when we teach him. 

I will mention one more. His name is Mike. He randomly came to church one Sunday. That is always nice. Usually the ones who come to church before they meet missionaries are pretty prepared. We made an appointment with him, but he didn’t want it by his house. We decided to meet at the church, which is something we actually prefer. We were a little worried he wouldn’t show up, but he did and we had and incredible lesson. He agreed to be baptized, but he is scared to set a date because he has a smoking problem and he doesn’t want to go back to it after he gets baptized like he has seen people do. We will help him! That guy always has me cracking up! We also asked him if he wanted a blessing and he was like (Why not?) He always says that when we commit him to do stuff. 

So ya, those are some of our investigators right now. All of them are making pretty good progress. I do want to tell one funny story though from the week. We were teaching a recent convert that is not very educated. Our lessons are usually very simple. At the end of the lesson I asked her if she knew anyone that needed the message of the restoration, and her face just goes completely serious. It was kind of creepy and her voice goes all low and she says (The devils). I was trying so hard to contain my laughter. Oh man! She has a good point. Not exactly what I was looking for though. 

I love you all! 

Sister Jorgensen

PS. Some of my keys dont work, so that is why all the quotes from people are like that. Good ole Suriname!  


Hey there! So this week was absolutely awesome! We got our transfer calls. Jorgnes is together for another round! Woot woot! We are excited for our area and the things coming. We have got some people on date, but right now our area is mostly holding the branch together. We cover almost the complete branch of Tammenga, which is really struggling. We see a ton of less actives every week. Slowly they are coming back! 

So cool story about the two girls who got baptized in the photos I sent. When I was in Rainville I taught Clarriesse, and she was supposed to get baptized, but I left, and she ran into some anti mormon stuff, so she got scared. The other sister went and talked to her and she got baptized as fast as possible. She bore her testimony and said that she wished she would have just listened to the holy ghost the first time. I love Clarriesse. I almost cried at her baptism, and I had goosebumps the whole time. 

Anna is a contact that Sister Vernes and I had from one of our less actives! We taught her a few times and handed her to the elders. She was golden! In her testimony she said “I didn’t want to be baptized, but God wanted me to. I am going to endure to the end!” I love missionary work. It is cool to see hard work pay off. Now hopefully we can see that in Kwatta/Balona because it needs it! 

Our investigators are all super awesome though, and the members love them, so this should help the branch to start being excited about missionary work again! It is coming slowly, but it is coming. Pretty soon Tammenga will be the branch that is thriving! 

I am so excited to hear about all of these mission calls coming in! They are all going to learn so much and have the time of their lives. I would not want to be anywhere else in the whole world right now. It is nice to know that you are exactly where God wants you to be. 

I love you!

Sister Jorgensen

Hey family! 

Don’t you worry. This sister missionary is still alive and well, we just had issues yesterday, so we get to email today! We had a good week. I think one of the coolest moments was actually when I was on exchanges with Sister Ashcraft. We were about to leave the church and in walks this guy. We walked up to him and all he says is that he needs to repent. He seemed pretty creepy to tell the truth. We took his information and told him that we would set up an appointment if he came to church to see if he was serious. Well, Sunday rolls around and I had completely forgotten about him. I was sitting in Sacrament next to another investigator who came for the first time, and in walks this guy. I knew that I knew him from somewhere, but I didn’t know where. I talked to him after it ended. It was the random guy! He is super cool! He doesn’t like the feeling at the other churches he has visited, so he decided to come here. He loved it! Also, the members loved him, so they took real good care of him. They also fellowshipped the other investigator pretty well. I am proud of them! There haven’t been any baptisms in this branch for a long time, and I think they had a “great awakening meeting” on Saturday night. 

We also got to go down to Saramaca to do service as a zone for our investigator Kolf. We went and dug some trenches and got completely covered in mud. It was such a good time! The mud was so deep that I almost lost a chaco a few times. We also got fed some liver. Delicious. Glad they told me what it was after I ate it!

OOOHHH! We had a super cool lesson with Nicole when I was on exchanges with Sister Ashcraft! We finally got to share the first vision with her and she goes “woah! He must have great faith to have seen God!” Then she was like “I have been searching for the right church for so long, and now I’ve found it!” The spirit was so strong. 

So ya, it was a fun week. A little bit crazy, but that has become my life. 

Oh! Mom, we do know of some new sisters coming. I think the first comes in July and the next in August. We are super excited to have them come! Sadly Sister Zeegelaar is leaving to go to Utah on June 14th, so we will miss her a lot. She is the cutest, sassiest, 5 foot nothing girl I have ever met. 

As for the sister missionaries being able to wear pants now thing, I think I am fine with just sticking with my clothes that I have now. I have no idea what I want for my birthday, but I don’t just want money. That is too boring. Surprise me! Heehee. I got the package today! Thanks! I am excited to use the new journal. Man, the stories that will be written in there. I always think my crazy stories are in the past, but then I start a new day, and somehow more happen! 

I love ya! 

Zuster Jorgensen


This week was great. We had zone conference. Can you believe that already came around again? The topic was all about temples, and let me just say that it was incredible! There was one thing that President Egbert said that I loved. He said “We go to the temple to experience the fullness of the spirit. We go there to know how the holy ghost feels. If you have a question and you pray about it and you feel the same way that you do in the temple, there is your answer.” That was not a direct quote, but it was something like that. I didn’t even do it justice, but it is so true! I miss the temple. 

It was fun to have the Egberts in town. It is always the best. We had Sister Egbert go out teaching with us a few times. She brings such a special spirit to lessons. I wish we could have her there with us all the time! 

We taught our investigator Hugo this week. He is coming along very well. He told us that he has been making special trips to the Binnen land to tell his girlfriend they need to get married so that he can get baptized. He also talked to his boss and asked for Sundays off. Did we tell him to do either of those things. Nope. We did teach him the commandments, but he applied them to himself. I love Hugo!

I don’t really know what else happened this week. Lots of rain. Lots of biking. Lots of green soda that tastes like fruit punch. Lots of lessons. Lots of feeling the spirit. It was a good time. So ya, you could say that life is pretty good! I love you all! 


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