Mothers Day

Well, wish me luck. I have no backspace again… So uhh. Can you believe that next Sunday is Skype time! Wooohoooooo! I am so excited. I will be heading over to the Ibrahim’s house, so you can somewhat meet them. I should be skyping at 4 pm my time, so that is like 12 or 1 your time? I’m not completely sure on the time difference.
Mom, since you keep asking I will tell you what a Sister Training Leader does. Yes, when new sisters come I am supposed to train them. I do nightly phonecalls, I will get to fly to Trinidad for a meeting probably next transfer. I teach in Zone Conferences/other zone meetings. It is pretty similar to being a zone leader except that they are over everyone (including the sisters) and I am only over the sisters. It is a pretty new thing in the mission field since there are more sisters. (We have to have someone to help us with our emotions. JK) So ya, that is what I will be doing!
This week was fun. I had more bike problems. Typical. The spare they gave me didn’t have chain pullers, so the chain fell off constantly. One time it was pouring rain, and I stopped to fix it, and Sister Vernes just started laughing. I asked what was up, and she pointed behind me. There was a huge albino cow. Luckily there was a fence in between, so I was safe. It was pretty funny. I think Sister Vernes has a photo. I will try to send it. We fixed the problem with zip ties though. The zone leaders did. I will give them credit. Now my bike has wings. I named her Pegasus. Now I have Hercules and Pegasus. Perfect.
There was a ton of rain this week. One day while we waited for the baptismal font to fill we played in some puddles. We got soaked on the way to the church, so we figured we might as well. We were walking down the street because we grabbed some food. We started to kick puddles at each other, and then a huge truck drives by and splashed us big time. He won. We were soo cold for the rest of the day. That probably wasn’t good though because I had a fever at that point. Heehee.
We also got Hugo on date! We had a super spiritual lesson about what we need to do while we are on earth. We had a member with us who made it even better. When Hugo read that the steps are 1. faith 2. repentance 3. baptism 4. holy ghost 5. endure to the end . He was like I want to be baptized. Then he was super excited because he was like. I come to church, but I am not baptized. Why not? He is cool. He is in love with Sister Vernes though, but that is a story for another time.
I love you! See you on Sunday!!!!!!!
Zuster Jorgensen

Well, I feel like I just talked to you! That was fun. Sorry I hung up so fast. Hee hee. I hate saying goodbye, so I had to get it over with. Plus the Ibrahims made me some delicious food. I couldnt resist any longer. 

This week was fun. We had some crazy stories some spiritual moments. You know, the usual. We had a lesson with Ramona, and she prayed to ask God for help. She told him that she knows that the Book of Mormon is true, and that she lays everything in His hands to be able to be baptized. We need a miracle here, but with a lot of faith and hard work I know she can be ready on time! 
I had an exchange with Rainville. It was so much fun! I got to see old investigators, and go to the Abdoelhamids. It was so great. We saw Josh, and got him to rap in chinese. I have a video, but I dont know how to send it. Guess you get to see it later. We also got Sister Parker to rap in Taki Taki. 
Kalusha (the one who taught us how to box) is a less-active that we teach. When I got a fever last week he called and told us that his dad had passed away. It was super sad, but they had been preparing for years. We went to the funeral, and let me just say that it was a lot different than any funeral I have ever seen. It was also a cremation. For tradition they gather the night before the funeral and sing songs in Taki Taki for hours. We went for one hour, and they were jsut getting started. I also have a video of that. One person sits in the front of the room and just screams his lungs out and then everyone follows what he says. All the songs sounded the same. The next day we went to the actual funeral. One interesting thing that they do is dance with the casket. They have it balanced on their shoulders and they dance it to the oven to be burned. I also have a video of that. Haha. I have some cool things to show you! 
It was a good week, but the highlight was seeing all your beautiful faces. I love you all! 
Zuster Jorgensen  

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