Hello Again

These weeks are just flying right on by! Can we slow down time a little? It was already transfer call time again on Saturday. How is that possible? Sister Vernes and I are having too much fun. Maybe we need to get into like a fight or something to slow down time. Naaah! We will be staying together in Kwatta! I have also been assigned to be the Sister Training Leader in Suriname. There used to always be two, but for some reason I am the only one? Weird. I am excited for the challenge, but now I really need to be on my A game. I feel like I don’t have anything figured out yet, and I am supposed to lead the others. That is somewhat scary. Also, Sister Wood and Sister Walsh go home tomorrow, so Sister Ashcraft and I will the sisters that have been out the longest. All my trainers are going home! Ahh!

This week was fun because I got to go on an exchange back to Rainville! I got to see some of my favorite people! It is fun to see the investigators there progressing in their testimonies. Sister Ashcraft, Sister Parker, and Sister Zeegelaar will be in Rainville this next transfer since both the sisters in that area are leaving. (Sis. Walsh is going home, and Sis Ibrahim got her visa to go to Nederland!) Sister Zeegelaar is also expected to leave this transfer to serve the rest of her mission in Salt Lake. We are about to be down to 4 sisters! Good thing the elders are cool. 
Kwatta is a really cool area! Yesterday some of the less actives we have been teaching came to church! I was so happy! All of the members were great. They all embraced them like they never left and made sure they felt their love. One of them was Kalusha (the one who taught us to box) and the other was Patricia. It was especially exciting to see Patricia there because we haven’t seen her in a while. She lives in Suriname, but she goes to French Guyana a lot. Last time we taught her we invited her to church, and she started crying and said that she wanted to really bad, but then the next day she didn’t show up and then she flew out to French Guyana! We didn’t even know she was back yet. I was sitting in Sacrament and I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and there she was! It was amazing. 
We also got to visit the cutest family ever! I met the first ever sister missionary from Suriname. About 11 years ago she went to the Dominican Republic. She is awesome. They have 4 sons, and I felt like I was at home the entire time. One of the little boys said “When are they going to leave?” We were a little hurt, but then he adds “I don’t want them to ever leave. Mama can they sleep here? They can buy a blanket and a pillow.” So cute! The mom has been in the hospital for a while, so she is still recovering from surgery. We are bringing them dinner on Thursday. I am so excited to see them again! 
Well, I love you all! I hope you have a week full of miracles! 
Zuster Jorgensen

Okay. I have a lot to say, and a broken backspace with limited time, so I hope this works out okay. First, sorry mom. I meant to send the scripture last week. Alma 28:2. It is a goodie! I picked a new one. Heehee. It is kind of nice to choose one in the middle of your mission once you have discovered yourself more.
This week was insane! Insane I tell you! We have two areas at this moment, and a whole lot of people to see. Ahh! We didn’t know how to fit everyone in before. and now it is just ridiculous. We have Kwatta and Balona, so at least  I know both areas pretty well. Good news is that we got some really cool investigators from both areas, so good stuff should start happening in Tammenga!
Every Wednesday night we have this family home eveningish thing at a members house. Usually she invites someone new. This week was extra special though. She invited 12 nederlanders. Talk about intense! The spirit was super strong. There was no denying it. We invited some of the young men from the branch to come, so we had them bear their testimonies at the end. Oh my goodness. Missionary work is so great. I don’t know how to explain it. The faces that everyone was making. You could tell that they had been touched even if they didn’t believe in God. It was a cool experience, and one of them took a Book of Mormon. We also planted some major seeds in the hearts of everyone else.
I had some more bike problems. Let me just summarize by saying I am on bike 4 of my mission. It is not my fault though. First of all I am the only person who did not get a new bike when they came to Suriname. I have been on spares. Second of all I only pop tires. When I fix my tires it ends up ok, but when other people try my bike gets destroyed. I am the official bike hopper!
We got Ramona on date! She is 16 and has a baby, and she lives with the baby daddy family. They are members, but he is very less active. We told her that choosing a day would be a step of faith and God would help her to reach it. We asked her to pray with us for a date, and it was the sweetest prayer I have every heard. It was so sincere. She told God that she wants to be baptized so that she can go to the temple and be sealed with her family forever. She pleaded that her boyfriends heart would be softened, and that they would get married. (I know she is young, but that is normal here). It was incredible. We are going back tonight to start a fast with her for her boyfriend. I am excited about this!
Well, I had more to say, but this no backspace thing is really killing it. I love you all! Have an awesome week.
Zuster Jorgensen
P.S. Mom, can you send me a journal? My big one is getting filled up real fast.
P.S.S The house looks super cute! I am excited to see it!

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