Well, this week was another adventure. What can I say? This is Suriname after all! Sister Wood and Sister Walsh flew to Trinidad for a Missionary Leadership Conference, so we had Sister Parker with us for part of the week, and we were working two areas. It was a ton of fun! 
Elizabeth, our investigator, called me this week and told me that she is in Guyana getting surgery. The problem was, she didn’t have enough money! Also, she didn’t have a place to stay. Awesome. She called and asked if I could pay for her surgery. It was so sad! She started crying and said that no one can help her. I wanted to cry. I asked her where she was, and it turns out she was in a part of Guyana without missionaries. Even better. My investigator is wandering the streets in Guyana without any money, in a ton of pain, and we have no idea when she is coming back. Got to love this crazy country! 
We had to say goodbye to the family with the super cute baby (the sick one that got a blessing) They live in the Netherlands, so it was hard to say bye to them. They will get baptized. You can just tell with some people. She asked all of the best questions, and she kept talking about how eveytime she talks to us she feels like she is doing the right thing. I want to stay in contact with them forever! 
This morning I learned how to box! That was pretty cool. A less-active named Kalusha taught me. I am punching machine and Sister Vernes is the Destroyer. Haha! It was pretty great. I will try to attatch some photos or videos. 
Sorry this letter is so short! We had some more bike problems, so we got stranded in the city. (Mom I keep the same bike my whole mission, but I got an old bike to begin with, so it has a lot of problems. My bike’s name is Hercules because it is so HEAVY! The small sister on a big bike!) 
I love you! 
Zuster Jorgensen

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