Easter & Conference

First of all, thank you dad for updating me on Lexi’s instagram. It made me chuckle a little. Way to go Lex! Your followers are going up and up! Second of all, Surinamers celebrate Easter for 2 days, so everything was closed down yesterday. I am alive! I asked everyone what they do to celebrate and they all said “nothing”. Uhh… What? Suriname has so many holidays. Almost one a week. I think the kids are out of school more than they are in it. That is the childhood dream!

This week was incredible! Richard E. Turley came. He is the church historian, and he knows his stuff! It was fun to learn about Joseph Smith. The way he spoke helped to relate Joseph Smith to ourselves better. Joseph Smith was not perfect. We learned about some of his weaknesses, and how they help to prove that the Book of Mormon is true. For example, we read one of his journal entries written after the Book of Mormon was finished, and it was terribly written, then he had it scribbled out, and his second try was even worse. There was no way that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon. #thechurchistrue
I love Kwatta! (Mom we are alone in Kwatta, but there are Elders in Kasaboholo, and that is the neighboring area) Last night was incredible. There are these 3 kids in our area I think the oldest is 14, and they come to church alone every week. Their parents have never met with the missionaries before for some reason. I don’t know if the missionaries before me ever tried, but one day we were at their house and I set up an appointment with the mom. We brought Sister Ibrahim with us. The mom, dad, and aunt all decided to join the lesson. The spirit was so strong! This lesson will always be dear to my heart. We were sitting in this tiny little wood shack, but I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. At the beginning of the lesson the dad was making excuses about how he doesn’t have time to read, but at the end he was like “I am going to read this book. Do you have a website or movies that I can watch to learn more? When can you come back?” It was incredible! I hope the parents stay interested and on track. These kids deserve to have an eternal family. We had them bear their testimonies on the Book of Mormon. I can’t even describe it! It was one of those moments too good for words to describe. 
We also went and taught another lesson after that. We were teaching Amar. He is the typical 19 year old boy. We had the lesson planned as a “do or die” lesson. Pretty much we had given up hope that he even wanted to change. Last time we were their we asked what team he wanted to be on, (God or the Devil) and he couldn’t decide. Uh.. not a good sign. We got there last night, and he was changed. He was calm. He told us that he and two of his friends (one was Sister Ibrahim’s son) – all three have been trouble makers in the church, had a conversation that changed his perspective. They all three decided that they want to go on missions. They all want to strengthen each other. It is like the sons of Mosiah! (Cheesy I know, but it is true) Please, please, please let this be a permanent thing! Once they go the other less actives could catch the wave! This branch needs something like that. 
So, ya! It was a fun week. I am so happy I got to hear from all you lovely people. 
Zuster Jorgensen
I am so thankful for this gospel. Wasn’t conference just amazing!? Just what I needed to hear to get me pumped for another six months until the next one. Let’s do this thing. I loved the theme that seemed to be running through the whole thing. God loves us, no matter our weaknesses. It is so true. As a missionary your weaknesses are thrown in your face. You realize how much room you have to shape up. It is good to desire to change for the better, but do not let your weaknesses stop you from seeing how incredible you are. Just to think of the worth of one soul in God’s eyes is incomprehensible for our human minds. How many people do not realize this!? On our way to conference Sister Vernes and I were talking about incredible conference is. God still speaks to His children. We have a prophet on Earth now, and he spoke to us. We were biking and talking about how few people there are in the world who know this. They just lived this past weekend like any other. It was not just a normal weekend. We received a little peek into heaven. 

This week we experienced some cool miracles. We received a call from a random man who asked if we could teach him that day. We made some room for him, then called a member because we had no idea who he was and our appointment was at night. When we got there he asked us to give his nephew a blessing. Good thing the member had the Melchizedek priesthood. That would have been awkward. He blessed the baby and he was better immediately. The mom of the baby and the rest of the family told us that they have been desiring to visit our church for a time. They asked us to come back over! I hope this family stays golden! They are family of some members in Paramaribo, so I am really excited about this. I am so happy we made room for him that day. 
The book is blue and the church is true! Elizabeth, our investigator also came to all sessions of conference and asked me almost a hundred times when she can get baptized. I love that woman. She was supposed to get baptized on Saturday, but she had to fly to Guyana to get back surgery, so we fell behind on some lessons. She is a very sweet lady. It was also cool to see a lot of the investigators that I used to teach in Rainville at conference! Sister Vernes and I will get this area pumping just like Rainville. I have missed those people so much. It does amaze me though. Sometimes as a missionary you feel like you aren’t doing any good, but then sometimes you get to see a little fruit of your labors. Rainville started out as a completely dead area, and now it is probably the most progressing. #mamaisproud Kwatta has this same great potential. All we have to do is get to work! 
I love you all! I hope you have an incredible week and remember the things you have learned in conference. 
Sister Jordansen

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