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Well, I love Kwatta, and I love my new companion! Kwatta is in the same branch that I served in, so it is in the suburbs of Suriname. (Sister Ashcraft started out in Wanica-the jungle, and then moved to Kwatta) It is a super fun area because almost all the members are in its boundaries. We don’t have many investigators though at this moment, but if there is one thing I am good at, it is finding investigators. I am excited to see what we can do with this area. 

A little about my new companion. Her name is Sister Vernes. She is awesome! Her mom is from Curacao and her dad is from Nederland. She grew up in Germany, but then went to school in England. She can speak Dutch, German, and English. It is pretty cool. It is fun to have an international companion because they see things differently than you. It has been fun getting to know each other. She wants to go into filming, actually she already has a degree. She is going to make my wedding video. 🙂 

This week we started out our companionship with two flat tires. I fixed mine with no problems, but her stupid bike is a stinker! She got three flat tires this week. We have been riding around on my bike a lot because missionary work must go on! Everyone always laughs at us as we ride down the road. Last night we got a flat tire, but we also accidentally left our phone at someone’s house, so we weren’t able to call the elders. A member followed us home (since we can’t be in the car alone with him) and then we went inside and waited for the elders to show up thinking that we were dead since we didn’t answer nightly phone call. They never came! I guess what happened was that they called for nightly phone call and then the member answered and told us he followed us home. They knew we were home safe, but they came and fixed the bike today. They were like “Why didn’t you call us?” I have had to bug them a lot this week for a lot of little problems with getting this area in order. Needless to say we are making them some kind of dessert for helping us so much.

I don’t know if that story made any sense at all, but ya. That is my life. I am excited to be in this area, but my heart has been ripped out since I am no longer in Paramaribo. The last night I was there I went to the Abdoelhamid’s, and they were telling me that I wouldn’t miss them since the Ibrahims are in my area, but I was like “I am your child! I will miss you so much!” They have done so much for me. I can’t wait until I run into them somewhere. 

Well, I love you! Sorry this email was kind of lame. OH WAIT. Funny story. We were at this less active teenage boy’s house. The night before we had ripped him to shreds to humble him and to get him to get his act together. It worked. We felt bad though. We teach an investigator that lives in the back end of his house though, so as we were leaving he is sitting there listening to some Dutch rap. He sees us come out and he runs inside and we hear him skipping songs when all of a sudden he stops on this one. It goes “hey mooie dames. Kan ik met je mee gaan?” (hey beautiful girls, can I go with you?) Let me just say that men on the streets ask us that all the time. It is not a very good thing when they ask that. We tried so hard not to laugh. Oh boy. That kid is ridiculous. 

So ya. That was my week now! I love you all. Have an awesome week. 


Sister Jorgensen


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