Transfer Calls!

TRANSFER CALLS!! I am headed to Kwatta with Sister Vernes. Kwatta is in the same branch as my first area, so I already know the members there. It is a super cool area, and Sister Vernes is awesome. (she bakes for fun when you go in for the night) I am looking forward to a change, but I am super sad to leave Rainville! Everyone here has become my family. When I announced I was leaving Sister Kersout, Marlene, Bishesar, and Abdoelhamid all gasped and said they wouldn’t believe it and that they would call President Egbert to tell him no. Good news is Suriname is small, so you still get to see everyone pretty often.

This week was an adventure! Sister Walsh is back in Suriname now, and looking much better. They almost didn’t let her back into the country though, so today we got to run around the city with the zone leaders. During the week I was with Sister Zeegelar. She is the PERFECT companion. She is from Suriname, so she speaks perfect Dutch, she’s hilarious, and she cleans when she gets bored. At one point there was a cockroach in our apartment, and we had her kill it. She threw it at us! How rude! Haha. She also likes to refer to herself in third person. “Sister Zeegelar is tired.” We had some fun times this week.

It was Sister Ashcraft’s birthday, so we made a ton of sweets. It was even a bit much for me. We had muffins for breakfast, crepes with icecream, cookies, m&ms, brownies, chocolate, cake, and more. (That was breakfast and lunch) By the end, Sister Zeegelar who doesn’t really eat sweets goes “Sister Zeegelar has a sugar headache. She needs something salty.” It was a good time.

We have been teaching this super cute old lady named Tina. On Tuesday when we go there she was wearing a shirt that said the B**** word like 100 times on it. It was so funny because she is this innocent Dutch lady and she is wearing such a “lovely” shirt. I asked if I could get a picture with her because I wanted to document the moment, but she told me that we would have to take one the next day since she wanted to look nice. I love Tina! She is amazing.

We contacted a crazy man. I don’t know if I should mention it, but it ended up being pretty funny, so don’t freak out! Sister Zeegelar and I had a little extra time between appointments, so we decided to contact the first person we saw. We pull up and immediately he invited us into his yard. In my mind I was thinking “Score!”. Nope. Definitely not a score. He asked us what church we were from and when we said The Church of Jesus Christ he goes “EBG is not from Jesus Christ?” Awkward. Then he starts talking about Cain and Abel. He kept saying that Abel would grow things and Cain would destroy it. He then said that he is on Cain’s side. Uhhh. I started getting a little sketched out. Then he started talking about Jews and Palestine, and he said that Jews are from the devil and that he is on Palestine’s side. After like half an hour of trying to make a nice break away I was almost out of his yard and he goes “can I ask you one question? Do you like it when people go into crowds with bombs?” We both shook our heads no and he goes “Well I do!” Let’s just say we were out of there pretty quickly! Haha. The people you run into.

Anyways, those were some of our adventures this week! Sounds like you all had great weeks!

Love you bunches,

Zuster Jorgensen


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