Miracles, Sickness, Baptisms & Muscles

Haven is so cute! Ahhh! That photo of the family together just made me smile with glee. Do you think she will look like Nova? I could not wait to open my email to find all those cute photos!
This week was another week of nothing. Sister Walsh has been sick for 2 weeks. Not so fun! Today we went to Overbridge. It was fun! We were driven by a member, and I thought I was going to die. OH MY GOSH. I am lucky to be alive. It was funny. The car hit bottom like 50 times, and we would gasp every time. I don’t think she liked that. It was raining super hard, and she also couldn’t see anything, so she had this cloth that she would wipe the windows off with. It was very odd.
Oh, one time I was biking outside, and there was this random man on the side of the rode who yelled “Do you want sugarcane?” Heck ya I do! I pulled over, and he chopped me some sugarcane with his machete. We contacted him, but I guess he has met with elders before, and he was not interested. We were flat out denied. Ouch. Welcome to missionary work!
Ooh! Cool story. We have been teaching this less-active for a little while, and she has promised to come to church every week, but she has never come. She gives us referals and reads, so we were confused. We figured it out though! She wanted a ride to church, but she wouldn’t tell us. We found her a ride, and she came to church. She and her son (our investigator) absolutely loved it! It was amazing! He made some friends that he is going to play soccer with! He also reads everyday, and he is full of questions. We are pretty excited for him!
Anyways, I am so happy to be an aunt again! I will talk to you next week. This computer has been frozen for almost a half hour. Got to love Suriname.
Sister Jorgensen
Well, I am going to start with the fact that Liz got baptized on Saturday. It was amazing. I didn’t say anything about it last week because I didn’t want to raise any false alarms again. She is so cute. Any time someone gets baptized we make them bear their testimonies to everyone and she goes “come on Georgie.” She then pulls me out of my seat. She lost her voice, so she wanted me to say everything for her. She said “The church is awesome.” The next day she told me that she felt like an angel when she came out of the water because she felt so light and free. It was amazing. Ahh! We are looking forward to the baptism of Clarriesse in a couple weeks. I cannot wait.

Miracle alert! One day we were walking down the street after an appointment fell through, and I saw this lady doing yard work. I ran up to her and asked if I could help, and she starts laughing and goes “didn’t I talk to you the other day?” Uhh… no? Anyways, we didn’t think much about it, and we came back and started cleaning her yard and she was like “I read that little book that you gave me. Can you tell me who Joseph Smith and Mormon are?” We hadn’t given her a pamphlet yet at this point, so we are like “can we see the book?” On the back Sister Ashcraft and Sister Parker had written their number. We went home and talked to them and they said they had contacted her and she wouldn’t give them her number or address. I guess God wanted her found! She is super prepared too! She also already gave us a super cool referral.

I don’t know if I told you about the time we were out contacting and this random man and his girlfriend pulled over and asked if we could teach them. Well, they are super amazing also! He has had a rough life. He told me that he is done with the things of the world. He also keeps saying that there has to be on true church. YEP! YOU HAVE FOUND IT! I am really excited about them. Transfer calls are this Saturday, so I really hope I get to stay in Rainville for one more transfer. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! We are teaching such cool people, and Rainville started from nothing.

Crazy news. Sister Walsh is still super sick, and she has lost like 25 pounds… She is getting flown to Trinidad for some testing, so Sister Zeggelar is coming with me until Saturday. She is from Suriname, and waiting for her visa to go to Utah on her mission. Maybe I can get her to teach me some super good Dutch!! I will miss Sister Walsh though, and I hope we can figure out what is going on. It is getting pretty freaky. All her clothes are too big… Oh speaking of which! Haha My legs have grown so much that when I tried to put on my jeans for service I couldn’t get them past my knees. Good thing it’s all muscle! Goodness. That would be freaky!

I love you all! Have an amazing week.


Sister Georgie


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