The Red Zone

Well, not much happened this week. Sister Walsh has been sick, so we only got to go out and work for 3 days. 1 of those days was an exchange, so Sister Parker and I had some adventures up in Parbo North! When I say adventures, I really mean it. We had this lesson set up with one of the Elder’s past investigators. It was their first time teaching him, and it was pretty interesting. He called us the morning of the appointment and asked what food he should make us, and also what he needed to study to be prepared for our lesson. That sounds awesome, right!? We were so stoked about that lesson. We didn’t know how to get to his house, so we agreed to meet somewhere and follow his car. So there we are following his car when all the sudden we pass the Elders. Uhh.. what? They start yelling “You are entering the red zone!” That is the area sisters are not allowed to go into, but we had to follow his car! We keep going and he pulled up to a restaurant. He then bought us food and drew a map to his house. He told us to eat our food and then meet him at his house. Okay? We couldn’t just leave the restaurant, so we waited for our food and ate up! Then we went to his house. He is not a very open human being. He wants factual evidence to back up everything we teach. The gospel cannot be taught by facts! It has to be taught by the spirit. Psh. At least we got food out of it.
We did have a really cool lesson with Clarriesse this week! Then she came with us to a baptism. She is so excited for her turn. You know they are prepared when they do things themselves. I haven’t had to call her once to go to church or to read her scriptures. She is awesome! The baptism we went to was Edmund’s. He can speak dutch and Portuguese, so guess what our plans are for him! Yep, we are taking him to as many lessons as we can, and then eventually he will be the group leader if all works out. He is pretty awesome! Baptisms really just pump you to find someone like that!
So ya, those were our outings of the week. Pretty neat! Hopefully next week we will have some more opportunities to go outside. I love you!
Zuster Jorgensen

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