Chinese New Year, Miracles, & Zika

Well, a day late. I guess Chinese New Year is a thing here? Makes sense! You really realize how many stores they run when they have a holiday that shuts them all down. I can describe this week with 4 simple things. Miracles, Zika, zone conference, and hot dogs. They are all very random, but so is life.

This week my studies have been focused a lot on miracles. I was studying the relationship between our faith and the amount of miracles we see in our lives. Our faith is the limit! I decided to look for at least one miracle in every day. Sunday was full of them! I don’t know if you remember Cheyenne, the girl I was teaching at the very beginning of my mission. Well, we got banned from her house with all this craziness from her mom’s boyfriend. Her cousin is a member and moved in with them, and Cheyenne came to district conference on Sunday! I almost cried when I saw her. She still wants to be baptized, and she is incredible. I miss her so much. Also, this less- active I have been teaching for months and months came to district conference. I am shocked. The joy of missionary work is so real. Nothing compares.

Zika. Yes, I had Zika. Just got over it actually. I started getting sick on Thursday, and I was pretty miserable all weekend. You know what is not very fun? A 45 minute bike ride in the burning hot sun when you have a migraine and want to throw up. I do have to admit it was good timing though. The Egberts took good care of me. I went to required meetings and slept for so long! I don’t know how it was possible! I slept for like 20 hours in a row. Good news is, I am back in working order, and I couldn’t be happier!

Zone Conference. I love it so much! We focused on the Atonement, which is my absolute favorite subject. It is so fascinating. OOOOOHHH! I have some really exciting news! I had my interview with President Egbert, and I expressed my concerns about all of the Brazilians in my area that don’t go to church because they don’t understand anything being said. WE ARE STARTING A PORTUGUESE GROUP! I feel like I am starting to find my purpose. The reason why I was sent to Suriname. We have got some good plans!

Hot dogs. Oh boy. Sister Parker and I are evil. We have been planning for like two weeks to do a prank on Sister Walsh. What does she hate more than anything in the world? Hot dogs. We made her a smoothie with a hot dog in it while she was in the shower. She drank it and we could tell she thought it tasted gross because she kept complimenting us on it. Then she tried to be sneaky and pour it down the drain. Anyways we let days go by. I was laying in my bed dying from Zika, and Sister Walsh runs in the room. She slams the light on and goes “Sister Jorgensen, that smoothie you made me had a hot dog in it, didn’t it?” She was not too happy. I just started laughing and was like “How did you know?” I guess she was suspicious since that day because the smoothie tasted so nasty, and because Sister Parker and I don’t do random acts of kindness like that… Oops. I should probably work on that… She has some evil plans to get us back though. What have I started?

So ya, that was a peak into my week! It was a goodie! I love you!


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