Nothing Like Fresh Coconut Water!

Another week of adventures! I don’t even know where to begin. Hmm. OOH! So the four of us that live in the same apartment are obsessed with all the Brazilians that live in our areas. None of them can speak English or dutch, so we have some interesting times trying to talk to them. There are also Chinese people everywhere, so Sister Walsh likes to talk to them too, in taki taki. One day we were about to head in and we stopped at the store on the corner by our house. In the store there were 2 Brazilians, and a few Chinese people. Why not contact them all at once, right!? I had to guard our bikes, so I was a little ways off. It was so funny to watch. She is just there standing in the middle of all these men speaking like 3 languages. Sometimes I ask myself “where am I?” You can’t really have these kind of experiences in America. 

We had a lesson this week with some past investigators who were dropped by other missionaries this week. We walk in and their dog is super nice. At first I was like “Oh man! This dog is so cute!” NOT BY THE END. I was basically sitting on the ground, and that stupid dog tried to hump me the whole lesson. THE WHOLE LESSON. I am not even kidding. By the end I was just holding his head into the ground so he couldn’t get up. It was terrible too because it wasn’t my legs that he was attacking, it was my shoulders! I am not too excited to go back there and get attacked again. I miss my cute fluffy Mimzy poo. 

On Saturday, we got a call from one of the brothers in our area. he told us about this girl that he blessed at the hospital that wanted to meet with the missionaries. We had to cancel an appointment, but we found a way to go. When we got there the nurse told us the girl had died. It was really sad, but then she asked if we wanted to see her. The brother said yes! Uhhh… Oh boy. We walked inside her “room” (if that is what you can call it) and there she is. Just laying there. I guess she had been dead since like 6:00 am. It was freaky! You would think they would move the body or cover it or something. Nope. They just left it there. Her mom and the rest of her extended family was there and they were all emotional wrecks, and I just felt terrible. We said a prayer with them, and I just wished I could say something to help, but it wasn’t the time. I saw a dead body though! Ahh! I see dead people! 

This week I have really noticed how much I truly love being a missionary, and how much Suriname has stolen my heart. I love all the crazy things they do. The members here are like my family! I love speaking Dutch. I love seeing God’s hand in my life. Appointments fall through, and you get led somewhere even better. You speak to someone who has had a rough day. They may not accept the gospel, but they just needed someone to talk to. There are people who would give everything for the message we share. I have seen it. This church is true. As I watch the sacrifices others make everyday for the church I realize I can do more. I can always do more. I can push myself harder. The gospel is incredible. The only lasting peace comes from the gospel. People go searching for it through gambling, drinking, gettting high, shopping, eating, etc, but the only peace that lasts comes from Christ. Your whole world can be falling apart, but when you focus on Christ you see what is truly important in your life. You see that someone does know what you are going through. Christ has felt it. This is a fast paced world, but Suriname has helped me to slow down and to realize that so many things don’t matter. A nice house, car, clothes. They don’t matter. The happiest people I have seen have absolutely nothing but the gospel. That is true happiness and peace. 

Anyways, I could go on forever, so I better stop now! I love you and I hope you all have an incredible week, and a chance to share the gospel with someone because it is incredible and I have taken it for granted! 


Zuster Jorgensen


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