Hello, hello, hello! First of all, “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Brynn, happy birthday to you!” One year older and wiser too! I love ya, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

This week was another week full of adventures. I think that if I described my mission with one word it would be adventure. Everyday something else happens. This week my bike brakes went completely out. For some reason when I tell people that things are broken they don’t believe me. Remember when I told dad my transmission was out for like 3 months and he ignored me, and then one day he drove my car and came back in and was like “Ashley your transmission is broken.” You don’t say!? Haha good times. So anyways, my brakes were broken and I live in the city. The one city of Suriname. It can get pretty busy. I was turning behind a car. I admit I was following pretty close because that is what you have to do as a bike if you ever want to turn. You can’t leave a space for the cars to cut through. Well this car decides to brake randomly in the middle of the rode. I have no idea why. There were no other cars in front, no people crossing the street, nothing. My brakes don’t work I remind you, so I may have crashed into it. I hit pretty hard too. I flew off my bike! We pulled over to the side of the rode, and inspected it, and there wasn’t any mark. The lady was like “can I call the police?” I was already late to an appointment with Chandenie, so I just paid her off with 20 SRD which is like $4. Haha good times. Needless to say, the elders have now helped me fix my brakes since we don’t have any tools at our apartment. They do call me sister 2.0 because I know how to fix bikes. *insert pat on the back

Our lesson with Chandenie went really well! Alena Parabirsing (a missionary who returned on Monday) came with us, and the spirit was super strong. Chandenie has a testimony. I know she does. She shares it with me. I asked her why she hasn’t been praying about getting baptized since she knows it is what she is supposed to do, and she told me that something is holding her back, but she didn’t want to say since Alena was there. I will get it out of her! Even if I die trying!

We have a really cool investigator named Clarriesse. Oh man, she is amazing. We put her on date yesterday for the end of February. She is the cousin of some members in Paramaribo. She is 16 and from the binnen land (the jungle). She came up north to go to school. She lives at this religious place that didn’t allow us to come by for a long time, but we got permission! Yay! The problem is that she is required to go to the church there instead of our church. Not quite sure what to do about that yet. She visits her cousins at the end of every month and goes to church with them whenever she can. Yesterday when we went over there we asked her about her Book of Mormon reading. We’ve really focused on it with her, but we have only taught her like 3 times, so last time was the first time we really assigned her to read something other than the introduction. She read the chapter we left, and then she had more time, so she read all the way to 1 Nephi 13! She understood it too! I was so shocked. I am talking with President Egbert about the church problem, so I guess we’ll see what we can do. I am excited for her!

Haha, so Sister Walsh is very gullible. We convinced her that the correct way to say tortilla is with the L’s and not the normal way. We got all the other missionaries and also the members on board. She asked everyone because she was starting to doubt her knowledge of the english language. It was going pretty good too! She would walk up to people and be like “tell me how you say this word T O R T I L L A.” I would come up and stand behind her and I would be like “OH MY GOODNESS SISTER WALSH! It is tortilla!” They all caught on and they would be like “Ya, Sister Jorgensen is right.” Then Sister Walsh would go “Oh my gosh! That is so embarrassing! I have been saying it wrong my whole life!” Then we would all laugh at her. She would think we were laughing because she has been saying stuff wrong her whole life, but little did she know that missionaries are pretty good liars! It was going good today until we went to a restaurant and were ordering food, and Sister Parker said tortilla normally. Man!

It is so entertaining living with Sister Parker and Walsh. We are in a trio until transfers on Tuesday. Last time we were left alone somehow we ended up with a puppy, so who knows what is going to happen. We got transfer calls on Saturday, and I am staying in Rainville with Sister Walsh! Transfer number 4 there here I come! Sister Ashcraft will be Sister Parker’s new companion, so we get to live together for a little while until they get an apartment! Woohoo!

So ya, that was a little piece of my week. It was a fun one! Except saying goodbye to Sister Christiansen. We also got to celebrate Sister Parker’s birthday the night before she left. I love you all! Hope your week was as great as mine!


Zuster Jorgensen

PS did dad get a new car? What happened to Sweet TT? And why did he sell his precious!?


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