Hey, hey, hey! This week was another fun one! New Years in Suriname is crazy. CRAZY. Every kind of firework is legal, so people go broke buying them. Ever since Christmas we haven’t been able to hear whenever we go outside because there are constantly fireworks going off. Even in the day! That day even the Elders had to be inside by 7 because it gets crazy here. We went outside with our sparkling cider and watched. It was fun! The whole sky was covered in fireworks, and we live like right in the city, so that is where everyone gathered. There were little kids lighting the fireworks that go up into the air. I don’t even know how to explain it. They are still shooting off fireworks now! Let’s just say that Surinamers love their parties. 

Sister Christiansen and Sister Parker moved into our apartment with us. It has been so much fun! After we nightly plan and all that jazz we gather in their room and talk. We have plenty of time since we have to be in so early. It is a very frustrating rule, but the Elders made it out of love, so I guess I will obey it. It was frustrating last night though, because we had a lesson set up with our neighbor, and we were running a little late, so I asked the Elders if I could teach my neighbor and they said no. 😦 I came to Suriname to teach, not to sit in my apartment and stuff my face! 

Last night was an adventure though. I was sitting in the other sisters’ room talking to Sister Parker, and Sister Christiansen walks out and says “Guys, we have a problem” she then opens the door to the bathroom and we realize that the shower is stuck on! It was like 10:00 at this point. The zone leaders then called for nightly phone call, and it was Sis Chris’s turn, so Sister Parker and I tried to fix it. It was completely snapped off! We are sitting there screaming and stuff because we are getting soaked by water, and the Elder on the phone was just like “uhh… what is going on over there?” I had to call the landlord, and then we all had to put normalish clothes back on, so I talked on the phone for a minute while Sis Chris got ready, and he says “Sister Jorgensen. I have a question for you. How come every time something crazy happens you are somehow involved. You are never the source of the problem, but you are there everytime.” He really does have a point! I think I attract trouble! 

This week we focused a lot on finding new investigators. We have a few very promising ones that are family of members in our branch! They are amazing. We have had really fun lessons with them. Clarriesse is one of them. She lives at a school that forces her to go to a certain church on Sundays, but on vacations she comes up to the city and lives with her cousins. She is so open, and she loves the church! She eats up everything we say. We taught her the restoration yesterday, and I had her solve a puzzle with some pieces missing. I asked if it was possible, and she told me no. We then related it to the Priesthood and prophets. We can’t have God’s full church with some pieces missing! It went really well, I think I will be trying that more. I am excited to see her testimony grow! She watches the church movies (like the Joseph Smith movie) with her cousins, so ya. She is golden! 

Um, that is pretty much it for this week! I love you! 

Happy New Year! 

Sister Jorgensen


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