Happy New Year!

Happy new year! It was great seeing all of your lovely faces on Skype a few days ago. Speaking of which, you asked me to tell a crazy story and I couldn’t think of one. Well, I remembered like 3 that happened this past week. I don’t know if I have time for all of them, but I will attempt.
First one. So there is this member here from Guyana that is like 75. She is super crazy. Her cousin is in town, and she is obsessed with Elder Hood, so Sister Walsh and I took over teaching her the lessons. She is really cool! The whole time she was saying things like “that makes sense. Why wouldn’t we have prophets now?” And all that jazz. She was really open! So we have this spiritual lesson, and we get up to leave, but Sister Salik pushed me back on the couch. She started rubbing some weird oil all over my legs to keep mosquitoes away, and then she asked Sister Walsh how she could lose weight. We have a Jillian Michaels video that we work out to every morning and Sister Walsh offered it to her! Can you picture this 75 year old woman doing Jillian!? Then they tried to teach us how to work out. They made Sister Walsh lay on the ground and they “taught” her how to do sit-ups. After that, we tried to leave again, but they saw some cuts on our legs. They got another weird gel out and rubbed it on our legs and then put these HUGE band-aids on them! I love Sister Salik. I knew Sister Walsh and her would be really entertaining together!
On Christmas we had a pretty normal day, we got to see Chandenie! We finally had a real lesson with her, and we learned her whole family are Jehovah’s Witnesses now. I finally got her to open up, and she is praying about being baptized again. I told her that it is really hard to make a decision like that, but that God would bless her. She knows she needs to be baptized, she is just worried. She told me the day she cancelled her baptism was one of the worst days in her life because she was disappointed in herself. She will get baptized, it will just take a bit of work.
The next day was Tweede Kers. They celebrate Christmas for two days here, but all they do is eat and sleep. Anyways, one of our investigators told us to come visit her at 7. We show up, and we realized that we were at this huge feast! It was a big family gathering and we were just these random girls there. One of the ladies was giving a toast and she said “I am thankful we can be sitting here with people of every color.” Sister Walsh and I were the only ones who weren’t black, so we raised our hands and said “That’s us!” It was pretty funny. All the food was pretty good, but the best part was the Lasagna! Woohoo! That is the closest thing I have eaten to American food for a long time. Sister Walsh had to take off her belt because we ate so much!
So multiple times this week, I have heard the Elders talking about an alarm that they recorded. Elder Lewis asked multiple times to hear it, but for some reason they weren’t ever allowed to play it while we were around. I may have eaves dropped a little, and I heard them say something about a phone call. I immediately jumped to conclusions that it was a recording of a phone call between the sisters and the Elders that they made fun of. Sister Walsh and I came up with schemes to try to figure it out. The first one was that we would “forget” our phone and need to borrow theirs. We would then go upstairs and listen to it. Well, that failed. We borrowed the phone, but they followed us! Then the phone in my bag rang right in front of them. AWKWARD. Then we came up with another scheme. Sister Walsh was on nightly phone call, so she pretended to be mad until Elder Hood asked what was wrong. She goes “you know the recording.” He was so confused. After a lot of awkwardness we learned that the alarm was a happy birthday alarm for another Elder that was there every time they couldn’t play it. Haha whoops. In my defense all I did was mention that it was fishy to Sister Walsh that they wouldn’t play it in front of us, and her mind went wild. I did egg it on though, because it was really entertaining!
Well, that was some of the craziness of this week! Have a great new year. 2016 will be a fun one filled with all sorts of adventures!
Sister Jorgensen

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