2 for 1 and Transfers!

You know those weeks that are so ridiculous that they are funny? Well, that was this week. I’m going to describe it in three words Dengue, Sleep, and Rejection. Sorry mom. I know you said you didn’t want me to get a jungle fever… On Tuesday Sister Christiansen started to feel pretty sick, and by Wednesday morning we figured out it was Dengue. For the first few days I was perfectly fine! I fixed my bike tire, made lots of planner covers, and watched every church movie in existence. I was so BORED. Sister Christiansen literally slept all day everyday. Just me and my thoughts. Then, on Friday morning I woke up with this HUGE rash! My whole body was covered in a rash! I looked so scary. I felt fine, but I looked terrible. I woke up this morning and I definitely have Dengue. Let me tell you, it does not feel good! The whole week we would just be laying in our beds and reach our hands out to each other and say “You still alive?”, “I’m surviving”. We have really good relationships with our beds. They are terrible beds, but we sure do love them. The only place we feel somewhat okay. Don’t worry though, we have some good talks. We sing lots of songs together. We have watched Ephraim’s Rescue a lot. I don’t know if you have seen it, but I realized I know the main teenager guy. The one who kisses the girl. What a small world. I have always thought he was attractive! Now that I never see attractive men he really is something else!

So that was the Dengue, and sleep section. Now for the rejection. Chandenie called and cancelled her baptism. We hopped out of bed and raced over to her house. She would not open up to us! We have been trying to talk to her and she just isn’t interested. Of course this happens when we are bed ridden. When we start feeling better we have a lot to do!

Mom, your business sounds way cool! It is sad that your preschool years are ending, but now you get to open a new exciting chapter in your life! Change is hard, but it sure does keep things interesting. It also can be pretty fun.

Anyways, that was literally my whole week. My fingers are cramping up. I love you all! Hope your week was a bit more exciting than ours!

Tot ziens,

Zuster Jorgensen

P.S. Can you believe we get to skype this month!?

P.S.S. We get fed like once or twice a week. We do have this one member who always brings us cheese and bread sandwiches to church. People don’t have much to give, but they are so willing! They are so sweet!

Well, it is already transfer time again. Sadly, Sister Christiansen and I won’t be companions anymore, but Sister Walsh and I will be! Looks like I have a lot of adventures to look forward to, and the Walshie moments are going to begin again. I am going to miss Sister Christiansen! She and I are two peas in a pod. All my favorite things are her favorite things and vice versa. (Like TV!) We will be in the same district though, and our areas are touching, so I will still get to see her like 3 times every week. It has been a good two transfers, and I am sad to see them end, but I love my Sister Walshie and we will have a blast together. I am wondering how we are being trusted together though. Crazy things happen when we are together. For example, last week we had an exchange. We biked 45 minutes and when we were almost to her apartment she realized that she didn’t have the keys or the phone. We biked to the Elder’s apartment, but they were out running errands, so we ended up at Sister Ashcraft and Jensen’s house. Sister Walsh snuck up to their study room window and completely freaked them out. It was fun seeing them. We had a little story time about mission adventures until the Elders came with Sister Walsh’s keys. We then went home and made cupcakes then hurried out the door to go teaching. After Sister Walsh’s bike chain fell off twice and many other adventures, we returned home to realize we left the oven on the entire time we were gone. OOPS. In my defense, I was not the one who took out the cupcakes… Haha Sister Walsh and I might kill ourselves this transfer. 

Most of this week we were still locked inside. Our first day out was Thursday for about an hour or two. It feels so good to be out of that house! It is so weird. I used to be a pro at doing nothing. Now, the thought of a day where I have nothing planned sounds terrible. It sounds like the worst thing ever! Just kidding not the worst thing. I do have to say that if I am going to be locked inside that I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone besides Sister Christiansen. 

Today we went shopping! We explored a lot of Suriname shops and I do have to admit that I spent a lot of money. I got a pretty cool Mu-mu though! It was a fun last P-day together. It will be cool to meet the new sister. She will be Sister Christiansen’s companion, so I should get to know her pretty well. I am so glad that I got to come to Suriname when I did! I can’t imagine staying in the US for two transfers. Hopefully she can remember the Dutch she learned in the MTC. I guess it does sound completely different here though. 

On Saturday we went to the Relief Society Christmas party. It was crazy! Holy cow! Lately the power in all of Suriname has been going out a lot. It actually went out last Monday for two hours, so I didn’t get to finish emailing. Anyways, we were at the Christmas party and the power went out! We were trying to serve everyone food. In Suriname they haven’t figured out the Buffet thing yet. Everyone is served their food and they can get pretty impatient. I was walking around with this huge tray of soda and I had all these Surinamers yelling at me to give them soda. It was funny. They all also started singing to themselves. They completely lost it when the power went out. I was glad to get out of there! Haha, Suriname. You’ve got to love this crazy place. 

Well, that was my week. It was pretty fun, and it completely flew by! I love you all and i hope you have an awesome week. 

Met liefde,

Sister Rose 


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