Bike Problems

Happy holidays! I can’t believe it’s already the Christmas season. (Anytime after Thanksgiving is Christmas time). I had a really fun, crazy week! Here is a sample. The company we get packages through texts our phone. We have to forward them for the zone leaders to pick them up. Well, we knew Sis Chris had a package, and we had told the Elders multiple times to pick it up, but they didn’t, so we took matters into our own hands. The package place is in my area, so we went with our bikes to pick them up. We get there and the packages are HUGE! They are humongous, and there were a few of them because everyone is starting to get their Christmas packages. We strapped them onto our bikes, with a lot of help from the worker, and began to ride. We pulled over because we wanted pictures, and that is when things got interesting. The packages fell off of our bikes, and in the struggle of trying to get them back on our bikes, I may have dropped mine. Oops. We were swarmed by all these ladies who tried to help us. Random men pulled over to ask if I wanted a ride. NO THANK YOU CREEPERS. We get everything setup and I hop on my bike. My chain had fallen and made my bike get stuck in a super low gear that stopped my bike from even being able to move. We luckily had a nice normal looking couple pick us up and give us a ride home. I had to humble myself and call the zone leaders to pick up my bike though. That was a struggle. What would Suriname do without us sisters to keep things interesting?
Chandenie is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday. It was moved back a couple weeks because we didn’t have a chance to teach her everything in time. She is amazing. I love her so much. I has been cool because we found her and we have been here during the whole process. Plus, she isn’t just some average person, she’s Chandenie! She will do wonders to the church here in Suriname. We had an amazing lesson with her on Saturday about temples. She asked if people who haven’t had a chance on Earth to develop a testimony were lost. It was perfect! The spirit was so strong and she was eating up everything we had to say. Sister Chris and I both received confirmations that she is ready to be baptized. We then went to a baptism, so she got to see what she will be doing on Saturday, and she has been super excited since! She was telling everyone to come this Saturday. I LOVE CHANDENIE! 
Little adventure of today. We biked to my old area to make ourselves a little Thanksgiving meal. This stupid lady decided to drive in the bike lane, so I got pushed into a curb. Yep. My tire is popped yet again. I think I have had 5 flat tires now. #bikeprobs. 
Mom, when did you decide to open a new business? Everyone was talking about how excited you were about it, and I had no idea it was even happening! I’m glad to hear that Thanksgiving was fun for you all. It is crazy for me to imagine snow. I have forgotten what it is like. I might even miss it a little? I never thought I would say that! 
I hope you all had an awesome week! I love you more than cheesy potatoes! 
Zuster Jorgensen

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