New Admirer


I didn’t leave myself very much time for this email, so don’t judge! This week was really fun! We had zone conference, so it was a really uplifting week. Zone conference is the best. It gets us missionaries pumped for the next few weeks. We learned about “the people had a mind to work.” (Neh. 4:6) We talked about how we all need to do our part to build the church. Members and missionaries are equally important. I wouldn’t get anything done without members! It makes all the difference when we get a member to come with us to a lesson. They connect so much better with the people than us random white girls do! After Zone Conference, President Egbert and Sister Egbert came teaching with us. They had some errands they needed to run, and our last lesson fell through, so we got to go with them. It was like a night out with my parents! It was so much fun. They even treated us to milk shakes. Delicious!

This past week I have caught my self a new admirer! Haha… His name is Andy. Let’s just say the first time I called to make an appointment he started laughing and I asked why. He said “Because I am in love with your voice!” Oh dear… I decided to give him a chance. I feel like that was a mistake now? We got to the address he gave me and it was totally a bar! That was an interesting lesson! He kept saying “I can see it in your eyes that the things I am saying are making you sad. I can see the tears in your eyes. You are sad.” Um, No? I was just weirded out a bit! Anyways, we have the lesson and as I try to leave I stick out my hand and he pulls me in for a hug! Then he says “That is how I do things.” I then forgot about him a bit, but then that night he calls. He says “I hope you don’t mind that I am calling late, but I had to tell the people I love to have a goodnight.” Dang Andy! I forgot about him again, but then he called on Saturday night! He named me Rose, and he started calling himself Jack. (Like in the Titanic) Then he started quoting Titanic to me. “Never let me go Rose!” “Rose, my queen, I read the Book of Mormon everyday.” “I read Mormon chapter 247!” I guess I have been missing out on a few chapters. He called again last night and Sister Christiansen accidentally answered. She tried to sound like a man and was like “You have the wrong number.” It didn’t sound manly at all. Then she hung up. I hope that took care of the problem!

I also handed out a Book of Mormon with all Sister Christiansen’s MSF in it. Luckily the lady opened it while I was still there! She yelled “It’s raining money!” Haha oops. Oh and Dengue Fever is going around the missionaries. Wish me luck! I love hearing from all of you!


Zuster Jorgensen



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