Ride Safe

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Um… I honestly don’t remember much about this week! Don’t Judge. I am soooooooo tired! We of course had some interesting adventures. For example, last Monday after I emailed, our appointment fell through. We decided to go contact these Portuguese people we had met before. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know ANY Portuguese. We get there and I say the only thing I have learned “Como voce esta?” I probably spelled that completely wrong. Anyways, it ends up that they only speak spanish. Great! Now I have to try to speak another language that I don’t know! I tried my best. I may have said “Yo tengo el Libro de Mormon” like 10 times because I didn’t know how to say anything else. Let’s just say that we got rejected. Great start to the week don’t ya think?! Haha, what in the world? I live in Suriname and (try to) speak to people in whatever language they speak. I is a lot of fun though. I don’t get bored!

We also saw a lot of miracles! We have found some really cool people! Chandenie, Mary, Samaria, and Seinoer are all doing great! Chandenie is getting baptized next week! My first baptism. Wow! Now that I think of it I don’t know if I told you about Mary. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is 13 and her grandma is a super funny member in the church. Mary also wants to be baptized! Woohoo! I am excited for her. I love her grandma, she always just tells us to contact people. We will be talking to her and a friend will come over and immediately she will say “When are you going to get baptized? These girls right here can teach you, and you will be able to see me in heaven! Right now you won’t be seeing me in heaven because you won’t be there!” Ahh! Sister Salik! Don’t scare them away! Haha. She is pretty great.

One miracle we saw was actually last Saturday. We were getting money out of the ATM and this guy walks up to me and asks if I’m from a church. He was speaking english, but I didn’t notice, so I kept responding to him in Dutch. Let’s just say that he speaks Spanish and English because he is from Peru. We talked to him and he really wanted to learn more. He had even heard of Mormons before! That never happens. We tried to get his info, but he didn’t have a phone card. (Random fact about Suriname, there are no phone plans. You just buy a card with minutes on it. People have like 3 phones, and they get new numbers constantly) He didn’t know what his number was. We gave him ours because he said he would call. You know how that goes. They never call when they say they will. Then, Monday after our failed contacting adventure we get a text. It was him! It was Daniel! We were literally jumping around the kitchen! It was like in the Best 2 Years when the investigator calls. Man! I really am a missionary! I didn’t understand a lot of mission jokes before.

We did a lot of service on Saturday. We repainted the playground at Palmentuin. It looked ghetto before, and now it is painted all these cute colors! I would actually let my kids play on that playground now! For some reason I always become the canvas though. People must just love painting me! By the end of the day My whole body was covered in paint! They would say “Sister Jorgensen, look!” I would look and bam! Paint on my face. Sister Christiansen and Elder Hood got me more times than I would like to admit. Paint here is way different! It does not come off! My hair may be partially green right now. Haha a lot of random people on the street asked me what happened!

This week was another goodie! I can’t wait to hear from you all next week! Met liefde,

Zuster Jorgensen

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Well, well, well. I don’t know how we keep meeting this way. I also don’t know how I am already back in this chair emailing to you! Also, how is it November? Outside it still looks like July! Time literally seems paused. Missions are weird. We got our transfer calls… and I am staying in Munder with Sis Chris! Woohoo! I am so excited to serve with her. Hopefully I am the one to kill her. (Send her home) We have so many good times together, and Munder has done a complete 180 since we got here. We have some really cool investigators, and also we have found some amazing less actives!

This week, you should be very happy to know that I am alive. I may not be the smartest sometimes. Sister Jensen and I were on exchanges, and we were biking down this street to go to the hospital. (I will explain that later) Anywho we see someone we know, so she flips around to go talk to her. I tried to do the same thing, but I may have missed a car that was going super duper fast down the road. All I hear are the brakes squeaking and I look up to see a car has stopped literally an inch away from my bike. Oops… The lady in the car was not very happy with me. She started screaming at me in dutch. I just kind of hopped on my bike and rode away to catch up with sister Jensen. We pull off the side of the rode and wait for the car to stop next to us. Which it did. The two ladies screamed at me so much! I cannot understand dutch screaming, and neither can sister Jensen, so we were just trying to hold in our laughter. The car finally drove away and we just started cracking up along with everyone else in the neighborhood. Later as I was riding past they yelled “verzichten Reiden!” (Ride safe) It was pretty great.

This week, and last week we have found a lot of really cool investigators through the less actives we are teaching! I think I told you about the list of members we have in our area, and we go less active hunting. Well, we found this really cool less active named Abigail. She doesn’t seem too thrilled with us, but her cousin is! Her name is Samaria. Her and her boyfriend Seinoer have been taking lessons from us. They love the Book of Mormon. While we were teaching them last night we would read a verse and then he would say “wait read the next one” “Wow! So that means…” They are really amazing, and they have the cutest little girl. There is also another little girl there that I absolutely love. She plays with my hair and we made up secret handshakes. Next week I will send a photo of her. She loves the church! We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she decorated it with some stickers. Man, I love that girl. She will help us get everyone to church.

The reason we were heading to the hospital is because we have an investigator there. One of the members in Tammenga called us and made us rush to the hospital to meet her. Her name is Sonia, and she has cancer. She believes the same things as mormons, but she didn’t know where to find the truth. Everytime we would say something, she would say “Yes, that is right. I know that’s true” Sonia is cool. She got released from the hospital, so we are going to start teaching her and her mom at their house! By the way. Hospitals here are totally sketch. They are outdoors. You walk into the room and there are flies crawling all over the walls, and there are like 50 people in the same room. You’ve seen war movies. Like Pearl Harbor. That is what hospitals are like here. They also amputate people’s limbs like crazy just like America in the Civil War.

We had an empty spot on our schedule on Friday, so I called a random name from our less active list. Rudy answered the phone. He is really cool! He was baptized in 1997. He was one of the first members in Suriname. He has been less active for 15 years. We went and taught him, and I could tell he was having like this great awakening. Lightning struck him saying that he needs to get his act together and come to church. Good news is, the first thing that drew him to our church was the way of life. The first person I am teaching who doesn’t have Law of Chasity issues! Woohoo! We are teaching him on Wednesday, so I guess I will see what happens.

Let’s just say that the Lord is being very good to me here in Suriname. I love you all! Thank you for all the updates. It really is fun to hear from you! I can’t wait to see how the RV pad looks, dad! I know it will look awesome since you don’t do anything halfway! Also, you basically met a celebrity through this appraisal. That’s really cool! New tenants are moving in? What are they like? A cute family I hope!

Can’t wait to hear from you again! ik hou van jullie!



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