Honestly, this week was tough. The most difficult on my mission yet, but it was also one of the most amazing. We saw many miracles this past week. More than I can count. The Lord really has blessed Sister Christiansen and I. This week we have been focusing a lot on finding the less actives in our area. We created this huge list, and slowly we are going by each of them and getting to know them. The Lord has led us this week.

One amazing experience was when we were looking for this man named Ramen. We had no idea where his street was, but we just kept riding and tada! It was there right in front of us all of the sudden. We go to his house and we kloped for like five minutes because we could hear someone inside. As we are about to leave this man walks out from behind the house. He sees that we have nametags and he is immediately super excited. He told us that we were truly led by God and doing his work. He explained that he had been sitting in his house when he suddenly felt like he should go outside for a minute. He didn’t hear us kloping. He just felt like he needed to go outside! He was super excited to see us because he wanted to return to the church. He is a soccer coach, so he lived in Aruba for a while, and he didn’t know the church was there. He talked to us and told us that he also doesn’t live in the house we were at. It was his aunt’s house and he sometimes goes there to fix it up a little. He just so happened to be there. He truly is an answer to our prayers. We have needed referrals. He loves to give referrals. I think he has a list for us right now! He came to church, and everyone was so happy to see him. Man, it was really amazing.

We also found some really amazing investigators who are relatives of less actives. Our plan is to reactivate the less actives through teaching their relatives, and baptizing their relatives so that they can support each other! We also have been trying to reach this girl the whole transfer. We found out that she is our neighbor. Long story, but we rode past and she was home! She has never been home! We knocked and said hello. Her mom is in town from Nederland for a month and they are both super interested. We might be going there later tonight, so fingers crossed!

I have never felt God’s love for me more than I did this week. On Tuesday I was really down. I was hurting. I woke up and my heart just ached. I hadn’t talked to Sister Christiansen about how I was feeling. I felt entirely alone. I prayed, but I felt very little comfort. We went to a lesson with Chandenie, and the lesson was meant just for me. Sister Christiansen said so many things that I needed to hear. She had no idea what I was going through, but she truly helped me. I felt God’s arms wrap around me. I had never felt so warm or valued. I also learned that everything will be ok.

I sent a letter this week that should reach you in a while. I love you all, and I pray for you every night. I know that everything will work out. My faith in the Plan of Salvation really ahs been strengthened this week too. I know that right now it may seem hopeless, but there is a bigger picture. God has a plan for all of us, and it will work out. Everyone will be happy. There is so much more to life than what is happening here and now.

I love you, I should get off now. Talk to you next week.



DSCN1879 DSCN1884 DSCN1891 DSCN1895

Well, well, well. We meet again. How does this keep happening so quickly? Once again, I had a crazy week. What else is new. We seriously will plan our day and I will be like “oh wow! Tomorrow might be a normal day!” Let me tell you. Normal days don’t exist.

Last Monday my bike tire popped… again. We have a spare bike, so that was no problem. Then Sister Christiansen’s tire popped too! Two bikes down. We were stranded on the edge of our area. We are strong independent women though, so we decided we would walk back and fix them ourselves. Just as we were about to begin our long trek, the Elders called and saved the day! We call them our senior couple, since we don’t have one in Suriname. They came and “fixed” my tire. We only had one tube, so sister Christiansen was on the spare. We get out on the road and realize that my brakes don’t work at all. That was definitely an adventure! They came back the next day to fix Sister Chris’s tire and they brought me a whole new bike! I have been riding a spare bike my whole mission! On Monday I was riding a spare for my spare. Now I have one to call my own.

My Mission President was in town this week, it was really cool! He is such an inspired man. In my interview he said exactly what I needed to hear. I was getting down on myself because of all the things I see in myself that need improvement. He helped me so much! I love him and Sister Egbert to death.

Remember the cool girl I told you about last week? Her name is Chandenie and she is so prepared. Every lesson with her is amazing because she is so open and willing to do anything for the truth. On Monday I asked her how she felt whenever we came over and she said “Good! Different than I have ever felt before. I feel like I have found the right path.” She had been praying to find what she needed to do, and we just magically showed up at her grandma’s house one day. We also got to bring Sister Egbert to our lesson with her on Wednesday, and we committed her to baptism for the 14th of November! Chandenie is amazing!

We have faced a lot of rejection this week. They have all been pretty funny though. One example is when we went to teach this nice old man. His wife comes out and says that they are too old to change religions and she tosses the Book of Mormon back to us. I was like “Okay, but do you know anyone who might be interested?” She looks across the street and there is a man sitting on his porch. She yells “Are you interested?” He looks at us and he stands up and goes “Nay! Nay! Nay!” Well okay then!

I love you all! I hope you all have awesome weeks!

Zuster Jorgensen


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