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Another week has gone by already? What!?? Sister Christiansen and I are in shock by how fast is flying. Time is weird on missions. Each day seems like an eternity. Then when you hop in bed you just sit there amazed at the fact that you are already in your bed again. Then each week is so short, but so much happens. I will have so many stories to just pop in later in my life. It’s tons of fun! This week I have really learned about Christ-like love. Christ loves with a perfect love. He literally opened his heart to feel all of our pains. I have been noticing my heart opening for people and their pains. I just wish I could make them all go away, or just go through them myself instead of them. So many moms and children are suffering. People come up to us because they know about the church and they pour their hearts out. They explain all their pain. The terrible stories they tell me just make my heart ache. I want to cry. This woman came up to me. She was in tattered clothes and she had this super cute little girl. She told us this horrible story about how she didn’t have food for her daughter. How she goes days without eating so she can give something to her daughter. We had some sandwiches with us because we were breaking our fast, so we gave them to her. I felt so guilty! I had been complaining about how I was hungry, and there was this lady who hadn’t eaten in days! I am definitely being humbled here!

We had some amazing miracles this week. On Monday all of our lessons fell through, so we went to Meena’s house. She is the somewhat investigator who always is home, so if you have nowhere to go you can visit her. Her granddaughter was there. Her granddaughter is so prepared. We had two amazing lessons with her and she started tearing up when we had her read some scriptures. The spirit was SO strong! We were worried because she lives out of our area, but we called our Mission President and got permission to teach her! Seriously. I am so excited. We have a lesson with her tonight!!

I had the chance to meet my branch mission leader. He is so cool! He is a Rasta man. I don’t think anyone has a cooler mission leader than I’ve got. He is so nice, and super helpful. The members in Paramaribo are all just amazing! We are beginning to get to know them all. I can tell that we will be friends for eternity! First there is Sister Marlena. She is this cute older woman who used to feed the missionaries every week. She lived in America for 20ish years, so she speaks perfect English. She is the young women’s president and she is so awesome! I love her so much! We have already had some great times. Then there is the Kersout family. They are less active and they have opened up to us. They told us that if we weren’t missionaries they would invite us over for a sleepover! The daughter even painted my nails one day. I love that family so much. I really hope we can help them to get to the temple! Then there are the Abdoelhamids. They are basically Americans. Their house is like a normal house. The walls have paint on them. I was so shocked when I walked inside. They are the sweetest. The wife teaches seminary and she is the Relief society president. They have two kids, both teenagers, and they are the cutest! They made clams for us. I actually really liked it! What the heck is wrong with me? Then there are the Bishisars, they have like 50 birds and 10 dogs. We have some pretty great laughs together. The last family is the Parabirsings. They have 2 daughters on missions, and they are incredible. They have brought the gospel to so many people! Oops, I forgot, there are also the Pelzwicks. They come to lessons all the time with us, so we are really good friends too! I love their guts. One of the daughters is the one who tells me I need to fatten up if I ever want to catch a man.

On Sunday we got trapped into going visiting teaching with sister Bishesar and sister Pelzwick. It was so much fun! I got to ride in a car! It was seriously like a girl’s night, but we were uplifting people and bringing them closer to Christ. They did trick us into going with them though. That’s a funny story I will have to tell another time.

I really need to go now, I will send pictures real fast. I love you all and miss you dearly!

– Sister Jorgensen

PS. I would really like to read dad’s mission journal, so maybe like photo copy it and send it to me in the mail? Oh and if you ever are going to send me a package here are some ideas. An Emma Smith biography. Target V necks. Cotton skirts- they only have to be knee length. That is just for future reference though 🙂

The weather this week was a sneak peak to the rainy season. I am standing on a street that I bike through daily. That painting thing is where we took refuge during one of the storms. Then the other picture is to show how green all the water in Suriname is.


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