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I love General Conference. Elder Holland’s talk did make me miss my mama though. I do have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I was watching it. SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE. Clean showered white people. That was normal for me before? Everything was so clean and nice. Man, that is not Suriname. What really hit me as I was watching was Saturday morning. A lot of the talks said something along the lines of “Father, is there more?” This is something I have been focusing on a lot this week. We had a district conference on Tuesday, and my district leader put me on a 40 day fast. Basically we choose something that is holding us back from becoming the best missionary we can be and we fast from it for a transfer. I chose negative thoughts. So, this is happy, no negativity Sister Jorgensen! The talk by Elder Nelson was also really good. I love that man. He is amazing. I just wanted to remind you all that we can each become the type of person he was talking about. We all can influence the world for the better! It was such an uplifting weekend! I watched it in English. They had Dutch in the chapel, and English in the classroom. There are I think 4 church buildings in Suriname, but everyone meets at the one in Tammenga.

My schedule this week was insane! I was not in my area for a full day. It was especially crazy from Wednesday until Sunday. I didn’t get to do any missionary work in my area. I was on Exchanges with Sister Ashcraft on Wednesday in Wanica, which is the jungleish area. That was tons of fun! Then on Thursday we had to run errands for my visa. I got to go to a police station and get finger printed! Then on Friday we had SUCH A CRAZY DAY. There was a missionary leadership training. Sister Christiansen is sister training leader, so she had to Skype in to Trinidad. We had to go to Tammenga. We biked for an hour, I dropped her off then went and taught lessons with Sister Walsh and Sister Ashcraft. Because Sister Wood was also in the meeting, and Sister Jensen was in Guyana to be legal in Suriname. So. None of us are in our areas. Sister Christiansen had an amazing day planned. If everything went right we were going to have 5 new investigators and 2 member lessons. A very good day. Of course nothing goes right! The internet for the meeting didn’t work, so they all had to hurry and drive to Paramaribo. So the three of us are stranded in Tammenga. We are making the best of it, so we go and try to teach some lessons. Right when we finally get a lesson set up and we begin to somewhat get the spirit, the zone leaders call. Sister Jensen’s plane back from Guyana came early. We had to be at the airport or she would be alone! Ya… the story get’s longer and more complicated, but the good news is, I got home at like 8 that night! Our last investigator cancelled on us. We got straight zeros for the whole day. I have no idea if that made any sense at all, but it gives a taste of how crazy my life is everyday.

I am definitely ready to stay in my area and work! Hopefully I get to this week! I love you all. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Make good choices. Come back normal! XOXO

-Zuster Jorgensen (Yes Amber I know what XOXO is)


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