Found Camera and Sloth Pictures

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Well! I have some very good news, if it works out! I may have found my camera! Sister Walsh and I were at the Doctor’s office because Sister Walsh’s back has been giving her problems, and we got a phone call from one of the elders. He said that his landlord had called him because on facebook he saw a post that said “does anyone know how to contact the missionaries? I found their camera, but I don’t know how to get it back to them.” An honest person found my camera! I don’t have it yet, but I am working pretty hard to get it back. Woot woot! The sloth pictures may not be lost after all! I think God knew how very devastated I was about the whole thing. Hopefully I get it back! We did take some recreations of the original sloth photos though, they aren’t as awesome, but I will send those in a jiffy.

MAMA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! What are you gonna do to celebrate? If I remember correctly it is a pretty special year this year! Too bad I’m not there to throw you a funeral. You will have to eat lots of cake for me!

This week we had a mini missionary. I didn’t know that was a thing before I came here, but we have people who are thinking about going on missions live with us for a week to see what missionary work is like. There were four of us, which is a pretty big crowd, but we ended up doing splits for most of the time. Sarafina is hilarious! She may have taught us some very unimportant words in dutch. We really partied it up! It is cool to see how excited she is to become a missionary. It is actually her 19th birthday today, but school here is interesting. She has 2 more years of “high school” before she can leave. It was also cool to see the power that she brought with her to the field because people trust real Surinamers more than these crazy white chicks from america.

This week was incredible! We have 3 really excited and progressing investigators. Conseulla, Nelly, and Sheyenne. Conseulla wants to be baptized so much. She wants to go to the temple, and she comes to church every week. She is incredible! The only problem is, she lives with her boyfriend. (A very common problem here) They have two kids together. He is taking the lessons also, but he is off and on with his motivation. Conseulla can’t decide whether she wants to marry him because she is worried he won’t be able to take her to the temple. Ah man. So frustrating, but all of our lessons with her are so spiritual, and she opens up to us so much.

Nelly is an investigator we found this week. She is about 50 and we were an answer to her prayers. She was having a really hard time, and she prayed for comfort. The next day we show up at her door with a message of God is our loving Heavenly Father. She is so excited about everything we teach her. We handed her the Book of Mormon and she was like “I will read this book and pray about it!” She said that before we even brought it up! Oh my goodness. I am so excited to see where this goes.

Sheyenne is 12. She should be getting baptized on October 10. This week her dad wouldn’t drive her to church, so she called a taxi and came. Taxis are really expensive for Surinamers. She was willing to sacrifice so much to come to church. She loves church. Everyday we see her she tells us how much she loves it, and how much she wants to be baptized. Sheyenne. I love that little cutie! She is so sassy. SOOOOO sassy. She always has me laughing.

This week there was a really cool baptism. In my branch there is this member couple named the Kabelis. They were baptized last December, and they have been giving tons of referrals to the missionaries of their family members. His brother and his sister-in-law and their two sons were baptized. It was so amazing. They are going to be such a strength to the church. Then this Saturday I think it is a cousin of the Kabelis and his wife that will be baptized. All this because of two people that were baptized last December! Member referrals are prime! That reminds me. There is this challenge we gave to our District President called the 21 day challenge. What they do is they think of people who they want to receive the gospel. Every morning and night they pray for them, and they read a few assigned verses. Anyways President Verway came up to us this week and told us that he had a few miracles happen since he began the challenge, and he has some referrals to give to us very shortly!

Today we went to Brownsberg for P-day. It is in the Binnen Land, or in other words the jungle. I cannot believe I live here. What the heck! It is so beautiful. I cannot tell you how nice a waterfall feels when you just longingly stare at water everyday. So nice! It sounds like I’m not the only one who sees weird animals. What the heck is that thing? A wombat? Weird!

Oh! Look up Suriname price raise. Everything here is going to cost 300% more… That is all I can say. Things may be pretty interesting here in a bit…

I will send some lovely photos! Love you all. Keep sending me updates!


Zuster ASHMAYJAY!!!!!!


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