Hello Again!

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Hello Familie! 
I love you all! Thanks for the emails! This week flew by. I woke up this morning and I was completely surprised when I realized it was Monday. We had zone conference this week, so that would probably be why it went so fast. We really only had like 3 days of missionary work. Zone conference was amazing! Elder Martinez and his wife came to speak. They talked a lot about eternal families and family history. I really have never been interested in family history before, but after this weekend I want to learn more! There was also a really good talk by the District president, president Verways. He talked about how Lehi dwelt in a tent. He related it to leaving our nets behind, like the apostles in the bible. What am I willing to give up to serve the Lord? It was a very insightful weekend. Oh and best part. It was in dutch and I understood it, so ya, that was pretty cool. 
Here are a few funny stories from this week. First of all, being white women in a country with no white women attracts a lot of creeps. So many men say they “want to learn about Jesus” and then they propose. We give them pamphlets and say that they can call us if they want to talk about the gospel. The pamphlets may have the zone leaders’ number on it… I’m sure they enjoy all of our random creeps. One time was especially funny. We were waiting for a bus to go to zone conference and this guy comes over to us and is like “I see three of you beautiful white woman, but I REALLY like one of you.” We pretended not to understand dutch, so then he started speaking in english. Dang it. So anyways, he is trying to build up all this suspense and we’re  just praying for a bus. Luckily the bus did come and we cut him off and were like “Sorry we have to go!” He started freaking out and was like “It’s her! It’s her! She’s the one I like” pointing to sister Walsh. Haha! We may have been bugging her since then about that! 
All the sisters were up north for zone conference, so there were 6 of us and three bikes. That didn’t stop us! Two people on each bike. We already attract a lot of attention, but that was ridiculous. I wish I could have seen what it looked like from everyone else’s point of view. Haha apparently we do stuff like that pretty often, so that’s cool.
You know what are super cute!? Naked little kids’ black butts. I have seen a lot of those this past week. They just run around on the street. Man, I love Suriname. It is so great here. They also high five us as we ride past. I love listening to little kids speak dutch. I don’t know how it is possible to be so cute. 
Now time for some random facts. Men wear purses. Women don’t shave their legs. All the store owners here only speak Chinese. They have special mcflurries here made with Stroop waffels.Tune in next time for some more random facts. 
Spiritual time. One day I was really really motivated. I prayed so hard that God would send me someone that is super prepared to hear the gospel and that I would be able to speak to them. That night we met Zanno. He is the boyfriend of one of our less-active members. He was asking the best questions like “can you tell me about faith so that I can prepare to become baptized?” It was an amazing lesson. Then the next day we went to one of our eternitgator’s house. She wasn’t home, but her boyfriend was and he was telling us how he wanted to marry her so that he could be baptized and do what is best for his two kids. AMAZING! We have some pretty cool stuff happening here in Suriname. Then, last night we went to teach Sheyenne and her family, Her dad was home, so we asked him to join our lesson. It was amazing! We talked about the Book of Mormon, and it was the first time I felt like all of us missionaries were on the same page. It is hard with three of us. I am excited to see what this week has in store for us! 
I am really starting to connect with the members here. For district conference we joined the choir. The members were so happy for us to be there! We walked in and their faces lit up. We made it a choir of about 10. When we were singing, it did not sound good, but the spirit was so strong. My love for them grew. We all became such good friends. Seriously. One of the young women here opened her mission call and she is going to Salt Lake! We are watching over each other’s homes. I am so excited for her. 
Mom: I love my companions so much! They are amazing. Sister Wood is from Canada and she has been a member her whole life. She is the sweetest, funniest, most beautiful human being on Earth. Sister Walsh is from California, the only member in her family, and there is no one like her. It will be interesting to see what happens when the transfer comes around since we have one more sister coming, and we are in two trios right now. Who knows!?
The place I am at will give my camera a virus if I try to plug it in, so I will try to send pictures next week. Keep sending me pictures though, that is my absolute favorite. 
Love ya lots! 
-Zuster Jorgensen

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