3 Months Down… 15 To Go!

Okay! Here I go again. I swear I just did this yesterday! Time flies when you’re having fun! I don’t know whether I should do funny moments, spiritual, or sad first. Funny. Okay. Sister Walsh was on a roll this week. Oh boy! On Thursday it rained a ton, and we were visiting a recent convert, Estelle, but she wasn’t home. It was late, so we aren’t allowed to contact. We didn’t know where to go, so we were about to leave her street when we look at her neighbors’ house and they are sitting there scooping water out of their house with buckets. Their house was under like a foot of water. We pulled over and asked if we could help them, and they were like “Ja! Kommen Binnen!” Sister Walsh hops off her bike and falls into this trench. She fell in all the way to her neck! I literally couldn’t see her any more! It was crazy! The people just laughed at us and asked if I wanted to fall too. NO WAY. That trench was nasty! The poor people that live at that house. Apparently it floods like that every time it rains. I can’t even imagine how annoying that would be. 
Also on Thursday, Sister Jetty, a sister in our branch, called us 3 times. We would answer and she wouldn’t say anything, so we thought she butt dialed us. Naturally Sister Walsh begins to sing into the phone. The first time she sang “Funky Town”, “The lion sleeps tonight”, then “dancing queen.” The third time, as she is singing, we hear Sister Jetty say “Sisters, I need the Elder’s phone number!” Oh boy. She had been listening the whole time. She probably thinks we are lunatics!
I got to check an item off of my bucket list! I held a sloth! Yep. I held a sloth! Those things are so weird! Did you know that Sloths are actually really soft? I can tell you from experience. We were at a member’s house, and their neighbor has a pet sloth. I don’t really know how to describe the experience. They brought it over, and it kind of just hugs you. The best part was that we were handing it back to the little girl who owned it, and it grabbed onto a railing. So then this little girl and a sloth are fighting. She is pulling as hard as she possibly can! Then she finally wins and she just runs off with a sloth wrapped around her body. Suriname is weird. 
In Suriname there is this game called Jewel that the kids play in the streets. It is actually pretty fun. We pulled up to these random kids and started playing with them, and their parents just sat there and recorded us the entire time! I mean how often do white people play Jewel in the street? Not very often. So we play this game and after we finish all the teenagers say they need to document it, so they all get their phones and start taking pictures with us. I got a few pictures on my camera that are awesome, but here comes the sad news. On the way to email you lovely people, I lost my camera somewhere on the street, I am so sad! Goodbye sloth pictures, goodbye random teenagers, goodbye all my photos with my investigators. I am a bit depressed about it. Luckily we are going back to the member’s house tonight, so we can take so sloth photos on Sister Wood’s camera. I was seriously so excited to send all the photos I took. They were so great! You don’t have to send a camera right away, I can probably survive off of Sister Wood’s camera, but keep that in mind if you see a cheap camera somewhere.
On Wednesday we had exchanges with the other sisters, so I went down to Wanica, which is more of a jungle. The people that live there are so humble! Some of them only have dirt floors. They are the nicest people you will ever meet though. The kids are the absolute cutest! Oh man. I love the kids here. Sometime I will have the opportunity to serve in Wanica, since there are only two sister areas in Suriname right now. I am excited for that day! I love it here in Tamenga though, I have really come to love the people here. 
This week we had a competition with the zone leaders to see who could have more lessons with members present, which is really difficult here. There are not very many members to support us. Our mission leader went inactive, so right now our branch president is also our mission leader. That is just a preview of how few members we have. Anyways, I really gained a testimony of having members present! They add something to a lesson that no missionary can do. We are these crazy white people who are from another country, but the members are people that are just like them. It really has been amazing. Best part, we won! The elders owe us a cake now. Woot woot! 
We also have had to do a lot of contacting because of all the people we dropped. It has been pretty depressing. We would find this golden contact, and boom, they are in the elders’ areas. The family whose house was flooded- in the elder’s area. We found this man that was married and had triplets at home. No one in Suriname is married. We were so excited and we jumped on the opportunity to teach him, and guess what!? He is in the elder’s area. We went to teach our eternitgator (Eternal investigator- for dad. She can’t get baptized until February because her parents are against the church and she doesn’t turn 18 until then). Shenelfa is her name. She wasn’t home, but her cousin was. She told us that she has been going to our church for 8 years. 8 years and she hasn’t met with the missionaries or been baptized. Guess what!? She is in the elder’s area. I was so mad! We give them so many prime people to teach, and they haven’t even given us on referral since I’ve been here. Then one day, we were teaching Sheyenne. She is awesome. She is 12 and so ready to be baptized. October 10th here we come! Anyways, we teach her whole family, but she is the main one. They always have people at their house. Their house is the hangout spot. We were teaching Sheyenne a lesson, and there was this teenage boy sitting there and I could tell he was interested in what was going on. We had him join our lesson. He was so interested! His name is Harvey. He is in our area. I could not be more excited! 
Mom, you asked me a lot of questions about my house. I sent a picture the first week I was here of the outside. That is my mansion. I have a microwave. The shower is pretty normal, it is kind of like a shower you would see at a public swimming pool. The toilets here are really weird. You look into the toilet bowl and there is like this shelf thing that all your waste lands on, then when you flush it goes down a deep dark hole. I have no idea who came up with the shelf, but I don’t like it. I haven’t had any digestive issues yet, but I have only been fed like 3 times since I got here. Speaking of which, I forgot to tell you! Last week I ate raw meat! Yep, it is called vlees. It is some Lebanese food, it was delicious! The Ibrahims are a family in our branch that is from Lebanon. Sister Ibrahim is my mom here in Suriname. I love her to death. She feeds us most Sunday, but she makes Lebanese food instead of Surinamese food. It is so good! Look it up and try it. Delicious! 
Jordan and Brynn. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Haven Jane Jorgensen. So cute, I love the name! How did you come up with it? Nova is going to have a sister! I can’t believe it! 15 months and I will be able to see that cutie! That reminds me. Today is my month mark. I haven’t been in the USA for a month. What the what!? I have already been on my mission for about three months now. 
Dad, sisters can be sister training leaders, which is kind of like being a zone leader. They take care of all the sister drama, nightly phone calls, etc. If something is too much, then they talk to the zone leaders. 
I love you! Keep sending photos! A picture is worth a thousand words, you know. I love hearing from all of you. 
-Zuster Jorgensen XOXO

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