Holy Potatoes, I Love This Place

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Holy potatoes I love this place. Definitely the place for me! Throughout the week I have written stuff in my planner, so I know more of what I want to say. First of all, being a missionary is crazy! Nothing goes quite right. Just on our way to the internet cafe we had a flat tire and sister Walsh broke her chain. In one bike ride! Goodness gracious! An Elder was having visa problems, so he had to go to Guyana for a day, and one of the zone leaders was his temp. We got a phone call last night. They are stuck in Guyana! Only in this mission. There are so many different visa problems. I am here legally though! SO that’s good! 
So the rain here is cray cray. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop. The streets get completely flooded and so you are riding through water. Hey, I like it. We are pretty much swimming. So in Suriname you are either wet because you are sweating so much or you are wet because it is pouring. I would have taken a picture of the streets being flooded, but it was dark, so maybe next time. 
Amber, this is directed at you. You would starve to death here. They leave the bones in everything. My first Surinamese meal was fish and rice. FISH. Not only was it fish. Fish with bones in it. You just eat and then take the bones out of your mouth. That was a very painful meal to eat. The have this amazing food called Rotie. So good! I am going to learn how to make it this week.
So, funny story. We were teaching a lesson the other day. We were struggling to get the spirit there because the lady we were teaching was preoccupied with other things. Anyways, we are teaching about hope because she is a member and her dog walks into the middle of the room and pukes. Not just a little. A TON! Then the dog and all of its puppies started eating it. We were trying so hard not to laugh at the ridiculousness. Then when we were saying our closing prayer it happened again. This is the only house I have seen with carpet in Suriname. I don’t know how long it has been since it has been cleaned. I was barefoot. How many times has that dog puked and it hasn’t been cleaned up? Or the puppies also were peeing everywhere. Eww. 
Speaking of dogs. They are not cute here in Suriname. They are evil or very sickly or both. The dog and her puppies were starving. You could see their ribs and they were constantly shaking. I hope they just die and are put out of their misery. The evil side on the other hand. Oh boy. Yesterday we were riding down the street and this dog jumps over the fence and starts chasing us down! It jumped over a fence! Sister Walsh was just screaming “Ride sister Jorgensen, ride!” Then there is sister Walsh riding peacefully in the back. Oh gosh. We really are a sight to see.
In my planner I also have this section called “Walshie moments”. When sister Walsh does something incredibly stupid it goes in my planner. For example, a member made us spaghetti. As we are about to eat it she goes “Sister Ibrahiem, what do you call this dish?” The Ibrahiems are pretty much Americans, so they can speak english really well. Anyways, apparently sister Walsh doesn’t know what spaghetti is. 
We are teaching two amazing families right now. I am so excited about them. The first one is Matlilda’s family. They are on date for baptism for October 10. They are golden. We have become such good friends with them. Especially Sheyenne who is 11. They have a cute little cousin who only speaks Sranen Tango. I love her so much. Everything I do she copies. Everything! I would stick out my leg and she would stick out her leg, etc. I am sad though, she goes back to the more southern part of Suriname next week for school. Dang it! The other family is one we just had our first lesson with. They are really interested. Rekkel is the mom, and she has two kids. They are so precious! 
The young men had a car wash fundraiser on Saturday for scout camp. It was so fun! The missionaries were there to give tours of the church etc. I tried to talk to this one man, but it was just painful, so I stuck to washing cars. It really was the best! We all looked disgusting by the end, and the sisters found some promising contacts! Woot woot! 
We had to drop a few investigators this week, which was really sad. They just weren’t taking our message seriously or willing to act on what they learned to be true. It is really sad, but we will find others! I am excited to see what this week has in store! 
Love you all! 
-Zuster Jorgensen

Ps. Mom can you send me some sandals called Chacos, a waterproof jacket, and biking shorts? I love you! Thanks! 


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