DSCN0063 Mission

Well… I am DEFINITELY not in America anymore. This place is insane! I love it so much. More than I thought was possible and I have only been here for a week. So since I talked to you last I have been in two new countries. Trinidad is such a cute island. I didn’t get to see much of it because we flew in after dark and I never lever the mission home until I went to the airport again. It is super cool though! We had some pretty cool things happen while we were traveling though. Everyone was so curious about us. One guy was obviously prepared by God to meet us. He is going to medical school in Barbados. Such a cool guy. I thought it was staged at first because he was asking all the golden questions. We referred him to the missionaries in Barbados, so hopefully something comes out of that! 

Suriname. I don’t even know how to describe it. Picture every culture that exists and smash it into one tiny place. I am actually really surprised by how much I understand here. Seriously. The gift of tongues is so real. Their accent is quite a bit different than what I’m used to. For example, the w’s are w’s not v’s. Dang nabbit! I just trained myself that they are v’s! All well. Their dutch is also not really grammatically correct. I probably sound like such a weirdo because my dutch is so refined, JK, I talk like a toddler. Suriname is so beautiful! I love it. I am in like a suburb part, and Zuster Ashcraft is in the jungle where they speak Sranen Tango. Poor thing. 

My companions are amazing! They are named Zuster Walsh and Zuster Wood. I don’t have a picture with Zuster Walsh yet, so that will give you something to look forward to in my email. They have both been out for 10 months. We definitely have some great times. We are exhausted by the end of the day, but we can’t go to bed without our “pillow talk”. That is when we learn all of the juicy details of eachother’s lives. It is pretty great. Oh that reminds me. I LIVE IN A MANSION! So you know I am being slightly spoiled this first transfer. So this week has not been a normal week, or so I have been told by my companions. We haven’t had like any time to teach lessons. What the heck!? I thought that was all I was going to do. It is probably good though because we ride bikes and I am so saddle sore. I miss cars. I will have super buff legs when I get back, so look out world! 

Here, to give you a picture of the culture here I will tell some stories. We have this investigator named Beppy. She is a cute old lady who only speaks dutch and she literally lives in a shack. The whole time we were teaching her there was a fly on her face. I was so distracted and that lesson was all around bad. We decided to start over with her. Hopefully that works! We also have this really cute family who can speak like every language on earth. They are so ready to be baptized. We didn’t even have to ask, they just one day said “I went to church on Sunday. When can I get baptized?” What the heck? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Woot woot! Another one of our investigators is named Samuel, named after the Bible, who is from Jamaica. Man Samuel is my favorite. he speaks English, so that might be why. The best part about him is that he writes gospel music. I think that more than half the time we are there he is just singing his gospel songs to us. I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to write a new song from there. “Sing praises to heavenly Father, Sing praises to his name, We thank him for the sun…” There is a short sample. This is definitely not America! 

I will tell you some more reasons. They drive on the left side of the rode. Their toilets are so weird. The men are disgusting. The things they yell at us as we ride our bikes are so fowl. There are some funny ones though, like “Nederlanders” becasue we are white. The teenage boys call us “sexy sisters”. They used to just call the sisters sexy, but one day Zus. Walsh corrected them and said she was sister not sexy. That just made it worse. It is so funny though. “You are sexy and beautiful” is another very common one. I have never felt more like an object. 

On Sunday they had me get up in the branch and bare my testimony. When I was done everyone told me that I speak very good dutch. That is so nice to hear. Another person said I have a Nederlander accent. Another asked if I was from Nederland, and when I told him I was from America and had only been speaking dutch for 7 weeks he was amazed. Probably fake amazed, but hey I will pretend he was genuinely impressed. I don’t have many pictures of Suriname, but I will send the ones I have. 

So my Sammy boy did great in the Olympics? Goody. If I was home I would be glued in front of the TV with an American flag. That man is such a dreamboat! I am not ashamed of my obsession with him. Not in the slightest! 

Brenny. How in the heck did you get in another car crash? You had such a nice car. Not anymore! Hehe. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

You are the best, apparently letters come really easily here if you send them through the mission home, and packages come a special way, so if you want you can call Zus. Walsh’s mom or email her and she can tell you the ways! 707-3659598

Love,Zuster Jorgensen


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