In Sickness & In Health

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First of all, Dad, I meant every single one of those things. You are an incredible man. Also, happy anniversary! I woke up on Sunday and the first thing I said to Zuster Ashcraft is “It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary! They are so stinking cute. So in love!” I then told her your love story. We have decided we miss romance A LOT. All well, this is definitely worth it! 


This week was probably the toughest week I have had so far, but it was also very rewarding! On Thursday I woke up and I was pretty sick. I had a pounder headache, stuffy nose, and my whole body was achy. I was fine with that, but I was so tired that I could not focus my mind on anything! It was a struggle for sure! We taught two lessons that day and Zuster Ashcraft would look at me to say something and I would be so lost. I had no idea what they were saying. That was terrible. This happened in both of the lessons. I would just pray throughout the whole time that I would be able to add something that our investigators needed to hear. Then suddenly like five minutes before we would end I would begin to understand everything again. What the heck!? I would then pick and and long story short we committed both of our investigators to baptism WITH A DATE SET! Woot Woot! God answers prayers.


So Thursday was a struggle for our whole district… Elder Hardy’s face became infected by some weird wisdom teeth complication. One side was swollen and it looked like he had a tennisball in his mouth. Poor kid! He had to go to an oral surgeon and have it drained like 3 times. He was a bit loopy from his medication. It was pretty hilarious! Especially when he tried to eat. Oh man. So great!


Tony our investigator was really struggling with the idea of repentance. We taught him 3 lessons on repentance. The first two just weren’t enough and Zuster Ashcraft and I couldn’t figure out what he needed. He asked us “How do I know that I have been forgiven?” We tried to explain it to him, but it just wasn’t working. We told him we would talk more the next day about it, and we left super depressed. Later that day Zuster Ashcraft received a letter from her mom. Guess what it said. I guess I’ll tell you. I know the suspense is killing you. It said that she had been visiting teaching and the sister she was teaching asked that exact question. The whole letter was her answer and it had tons of scriptures that were super helpful! Zuster Ashcraft’s mom is an inspired woman! We told Tony the things she told us and boom! He understands.


Oh… so not my best moment. We were teaching Tony about the law of chastity and when we were about to bring it up I was just like “Well, Tony, we have a big commandment to talk about today.” I then pulled out the pamphlet and kind of slammed it on the table and just pointed to the name and said “do you know what this is?”. (I couldn’t remember the word for chastity in dutch… that is a preview for how that lesson went) The brother Norton in him began to show and he just started laughing. He then got back into character and of course said no, and Zuster Ashcraft and I just looked at eachother and laughed for like a minute straight. Tony was like “You are funny, you laugh a lot.” Oh man. See what I mean by a tough week? 


So in the MTC there is a rumor that there is a tree that smells like creme soda! Of course I had to test this rumor out, so we had some Elders in our zone take us to the tree. Yes, the tree smells like creme soda. Pretty awesome, it was worth getting my face slammed into the tree by one of the elders. I knew something was going to happen as I leaned into the tree, but I did not expect that! It was pretty funny. Good thing I have 3 brothers, so I’m used to this kind of abuse! 


Say hello to the new sister training leader! Zuster Ashcraft was until this week, and now I’m in charge of her! Mwahaha so much power. Today I got an email to congratulate me about it and it was like “we know you have been assigned to this through inspiration.” I may have laughed at that. I was literally the only choice. When they called my name in sacrament everyone just laughed. After sacrament, I can’t tell you how many elders said “I was shocked when you were announced as the new sister training leader.” Or something like that. Psh. Those elders are so sassy! 


One thing that was very prominent throughout this whole week was the fact that this is not about me and I need to get over myself. We watched “the Character of Christ” again this week as a district. It is a talk Elder Bednar gave at the MTC on Christmas a few years ago that can only be watched in the MTC. It is amazing. It is all about how Christ turns out when the natural man in all of us would be to turn in. I need to stop worrying so much about me and how I am doing and focus on others and what their needs are. I am here to help people, and to do this I need to stop thinking about me all the time. For the first time in my life I have a purpose that isn’t about me, and that is pretty cool! 


I love all of you! And I love to hear any updates! TTYL! 



Zuster Jorgster


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