“Dutchlings”… Goodbye week 3!

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I wrote all of you letters, so be expecting them in the mail. Dad’s is probably already there, but the rest are in the same envelope. I responded to your emails in them, so don’t be mad if I don’t in this email! 😊

Where to start? So much happens every week! Um… the new Dutchies came! You know the Best Two Years? Picture like 30 missionaries that look and act exactly like the new elder in that movie. They are all fresh from high school. AWW man they are so cute and little. Poor little guys don’t know what to do without their moms, so Zuster Ashcraft and I have become their mothers. We like to call them our Dutchlings. (Ducklings) They all ask us where to go and where their companions went. Like I keep track of where all thirty of them are at all times.

Our investigators are amazing. We have Tony who is an atheist, and yesterday we asked him if he had a testimony of Jesus Christ after we read 3 Nephi 11 with him, and guess what!? He does! He even said he had started talking to his dad about the gospel, so I can tell he is getting pretty serious. We started from the bottom now we’re here! Woot woot! It is amazing how well we can communicate now in our lessons. Our other investigator is Sam. She is also an atheist. I don’t know why we get all the atheists… the Elders always have Christians, so they tell them about the priesthood and boom they are converted! It is frustrating, but hey, we had Sam pray yesterday, and she asked to know if she could believe in Jesus Christ. Each little step is so exciting! We helped her to come this far and to believe in God! She already seems so much happier! 

Oh it was super funny. In our first lesson with Tony we taught him how to pray, but I guess he forgot. We asked him to pray the other day and he was doing pretty good until the end. He was just like “Um…ya” I didn’t realize that was the end, so I just sat there for like another 30 seconds, which seems like a really long time. When I looked up he was just staring at us, so I was like “that was great, except we like to close with…” Oh man, that was really awkward! 

On Friday we watched Elder Packer’s funeral. When it showed the choir I saw Melinda Baros! It felt like coming home. 

Every Sunday during Sacrament Meeting the Branch President picks two people to give a talk in their language. He doesn’t say who it is until the meeting has already started, so we all have to come prepared. Since there are only two of us, I knew that either Zuster Ashcraft or I would be chosen. IT WAS ME. Oh man. That was so scary! One of the members of the Branch Presidency knows Dutch, so that is a lot of pressure. I literally went up there and read my paper without looking up once. I might need to work on that. I don’t think I can get away with that in Suriname. 

Yesterday, one of the Elders told Zuster Ashcraft and I that we were in his dream. I was super excited… until he told me what happened. Apparently he doesn’t like us very much. We were working for the corrupt government, and we were shooting at him. He ran up the stairs and killed us both with one bullet. Yep, that’s what he thinks of us. He must be the black duckling. 

This week was incredible. The devotionals, like always, were inspiring. The one on Sunday was about the importance of eht Boek van Mormom in our lessons. It was great. Then perfectly we went and watched the Joseph Smith movie. (Every Sunday we watch a spiritual movie after the devotional) That movie is amazing. It was also the most romance I have seen since I got here. IT WAS GREAT! Joseph and Emma didn’t just shake hands! They may have hugged, and even kissed! The whole room exploded when they kissed. I love this place. I am so ready to get to Suriname already though! Spiritually, maybe not Dutch ready.

Anyways, I love you more than Colleen West loves Chocolate! 


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