Red, White, and Blue… Done with Week 2

I love this girl! We are basically the same person. We say and do everything at the same time.
This week has been incredible. I love it here so much! My teacher, Broeder Norton is so inspiring. He teaches us Dutch for an hour and then we usually get into spiritual conversations for the last two hours he is here. Here are some examples of things he casually says that have really made me think. “Give every ounce of effort everyday.” When I look back on my mission I want to have no regrets. The only way for me to do this is if I give it everything I’ve got. Um… another thing he said is “Love is the divine motivator.” Wowzers. Isn’t that so true! Everything God does is for us. He literally gave His son to us. We were talking in my district and one of the Elders said that God probably felt either just as much pain as Jesus, or more because he was the one who was making him go through something so hard. I haven’t ever thought about it like that. That just shattered my entire universe. Broeder Norton also said “The minute we think we know something is the minute we stop learning.” I REALLY needed to hear that. I was getting tired of studying the four lessons over and over again, but I realized that I have so much more to learn. 
The 4th of July here at the MTC was an epic fail. They announced that we would be able to watch the fireworks after a special 4th of July devotional. The devotional was great, but the speaker went over his time limit. All of the missionaries were becoming very antsy. Once it ended they announced we would watch them in the north parking lot. We all ran there to get there in time because we could already hear them started. We get to the parking lot and realize we are completely surrounded by tall trees and tall buildings. We couldn’t see a thing. Every once in a while there would be one that we would see part of and the whole Crowd would cheer. SUCH A FAIL. Luckily Zuster Ashcraft and I walked back to our Res. and looked out the window and realized we had an amazing view from there. 
Another fail was in the special devotional. They were celebrating all of the countries we had missionaries from and going to. In our zone we have an Elder from Switzerland, so he was asked to carry a swiss flag. Apparently that flag is a square. We had a rectangle. Let’s just say he was very upset. Then to make it worse, they had everyone stand when they announced the country they were from and they forgot to say Switzerland. I was in the back of the auditorium and he was in the front with his flag. When they skipped his country my whole zone burst out laughing because he threw his hands up! We could see his anger from the back of the auditorium! HAHAHAHA
Devotionals are probably my favorite thing here. Actually I can’t pick a favorite, but they are pretty great. Yesterday, Zuster Ashcraft said the closing prayer, so we sat on the stand and got to meet the speaker. We met Elder and Sister Condie. Elder Condie spoke some german during his talk and I understood it completely! I was so excited! Oh and I got to see the other side of a teleprompter. Yep, I know. I’m pretty cool. 
On the way to one of the devotionals. Probably the 4th of July one. Zuster Ashcraft and I were in the middle of all the Elders and they were like “I feel like we’re your bodyguards.” They then all started putting their hands up to their ears and saying stuff like “the eagle has landed.” All those Elders flew out to Nederland though, so I have been left unprotected. We get new dutchies today. I think we are getting like 30 of them. NOT A SINGLE ONE IS A ZUSTER. What is up with that?! I look around and all the other zones are like 50% or more sisters. All well. I enjoy being a celebrity. 
I love you all! Tot ziens! 
– Zuster Ash may Jorgie!

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