Bats, MTC, and 1 Week Down

Sister Ashcraft is on the left and sister S.C. is on the right.

​Hallo Familie! 

     I figured it would be easiest to reply to you all on dad’s email. Where do I even begin? This week has been insane. It feels like it has been an eternity since last Wednesday. I guess I can start with my Collegas (companions). Zuster Ashcrack is my main collega, but until Monday there are three of us! Zuster Stewart-Chester is my other collega for now until she leaves for Belgium/ Netherlands. We all get along super well! Zuster Ashcraft is from Highland and Zuster Stewart-Chester is from Alpine. Picture this. (I will put a picture later at the bottom, so you know I’m pretty punny) My zone has about 50 people in it, and only 3 of us are sisters. There is way too much testosterone around here. It’s kinda cool though because I am treated like a celebrity. Our zone is super cool though because we are all learning different languages! There is Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and German. When we have zone prayers at night it is awesome to hear everyone pray in different languages. We also give talks on Sundays in our mission language, so it is interesting to hear that too. Oh! Singing is fun too. We sing in Dutch, so it is super weird sounding! The throat thing is really hard to do when you are trying to hit a specific note.
     Some interesting things have been happening around here! First, it was the mission Presidents’ annual training, so half of the MTC was off limits to the missionaries. We ate Subway, Taco Bell, Costa Vida, and Chick-Fil-A because the cafeteria was off limits too. So I guess you could say the food has been pretty good! All of the Apostles and the First Presidency were here over the weekend, but we didn’t get to see them. I did get to meet my Mission President however, so that was fun! He talks so fast! It was hard enough to understand him when he was speaking in English, but Dutch was impossible!
     Recently they opened up a new building for the sisters to live in, so the first day I lived there, then I had to move to the old building because some sisters found bats in their rooms. Dang it! There were just the three of us in the nice room, then we had to be moved to the old one with six of us! Six sisters and 4 closets. I have been living out of my suitcase until yesterday because the three other sisters left for Albania in the middle of the night. I am so thankful I do not have to stay in the MTC for 9 weeks! Those poor sisters!
     I love it here! I have grown more in the past week than I would have in a year at home. We already teach investigators in Dutch! The first time was so bad! We couldn’t understand a thing Sharon (our investigator) was saying, and then we also had nothing to say since we didn’t know how. We just laughed basically the whole time because of how ridiculous it was. The next time we taught Sharon was the next day, and it went a lot better. We could understand her! In one day we went from not understanding a single thing she said to being able to have a conversation with her. Our sentences were as simple as they could get, but at least we could get our point across.
     I learned a little about the mission I am going to. It sounds like I will be serving for the majority of the time in Suriname. SCARY. We were looking at pictures, they live in literal shacks, there are huge spiders, I could get eaten by an alligator, just to name a few. My Mission President has plans to open a Dutch branch in Aruba though! Right now there is only a spanish one, so I may be part of that! That would be pretty cool!
    Mom, can you please send me some basketball shorts and some Walmart V-necks (X Small). We work out everyday and it is super gross to wear the same outfit for a week. Ik denk u! Mama! Thanks so much for the Tide to go pens! I have already saved a skirt and two shirts with them. I apparently don’t know where my mouth is… and I may have drawn on my skirt because I didn’t realize the lid wasn’t on my pen. My mom says I’m special!
     Also, Dear Elder is an amazing thing. Please send me some. It is nice to hear from everyone on days that aren’t P-Day that way I can respond better.
     Tell Lex that her joke about Brennon breaking his arm was cruel and that I appreciate her pictures of Mimzy. Mom, you should Dear Elder your talk so I can read it during study time. Dad, I like all of the advice, keep it coming. I miss it! I never realized until I came here that we are in control of ourselves as missionaries. I thought it would be like girl’s camp where you have a leader telling you where to go and what to do. Like literally we could sit in bed all day and no one would care. Some people do that, so it is nice to have someone teach me new things that aren’t in Dutch. Amber, I can’t wait for the letter! You sent that email just in time!
     I love ya! Talk to you later! I will try to get the pictures sent, but no promises! Apparently I have to have an SD card reader or something like that to plug into the computer.
Some of our lovely elders enjoying the Temple grounds.
We ate Subway, Taco Bell, Costa Vida, and Chick-Fil-A because the cafeteria was off limits too. So I guess you could say the food has been pretty good!
It was extremely hot, so don’t judge my red face!

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